Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program Terms and Conditions

I hope you are happy with your purchase of The Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program. I have literally put my heart and soul into this program and I believe it has everything in it to remove your anxiety and build self-confidence.

However, if you do not like the program for whatever reason I will refund you the cost of the program minus any PayPal fees if you notify me within 2 days of receiving your first lesson. Simply send me a message and I will send you the refund. You will of course keep the first lesson as it is a digital product. As you are purchasing a digital product after 2 days of receiving the product you are not entitled to any refund.

However, I want you to stick with the program. It’s a lot to ask of yourself to remove all and anxiety and build self-confidence within a week. Like all things in life, it takes time and effort to get good results. Don’t be too hasty to throw in the towel.

This 12 weeks program is designed to give you all the knowledge and tools to help you improve your mental health. After the 12 weeks have ended it will be beneficial to go through the program again.


As with all things in life results will vary from person to person. I do not guarantee any results via this program. I cannot guarantee that people will do the tasks I set them. I cannot guarantee they will put in the effort.

It’s all down to individual personality, drive and mental ability. That being said I have spent a long time making this program as simple and easy to follow as possible. Feedback has been universally positive.

The key to success is being committed. Perseverance and willingness to challenge your own mind. Not giving in when things get hard is the key. Nothing ever worthwhile is easy or everyone would do it. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want!


Your privacy is very important to me. Your private information or any communications will always remain private. Your data will not be passed onto anyone else. It stays between us.


All materials on this program are created and owned by Steve Norton. You do not have any right to copy or forward any of the materials of this program. Anyone distributing the material on this program would be doing so illegally and will be subject to prosecution.

Please do not forward any part of this program as it would jeopardise any future materials being created. Also you are not helping anyone else by giving it away for free as they will not work at it and that would be another failure for them.

Steve Norton 2021