The Shocking Truth About Antidepressants.

The shocking truth about antidepressants.

If you’re on medication for depression or anxiety you’ve probably realised that they just don’t work. Why? Because it doesn’t deal with the cause of the condition, they just paper over the cracks.
So why do you always get offered medication when you seek help? Here’s the uncomfortable truth. It’s because it gets you out of the office as there’s a queue outside of other patients to see.
It’s the easy option. You tell them you’re depressed and they give you a pill. The same goes for anxiety. If you see a psychiatrist they will give you a fancy label so you can tell your friends and mould a life around it.
Think about this. Now you’re on medication, do you feel better? Are you now on the road to recovery or cured? No. You’re not because you now need the safety blanket of medication as you think you can’t cope without them.
They have robbed you of your self-confidence! You feel bad on them and you fear you’d feel worse if you come off them!
You worry that you’ll suffer a bad withdrawal so you keep on taking them. Even though they don’t work and have never worked! It’s shocking when you read about the side effects of the medication you are taking to help you.
Common side effects of the most popular anti-anxiety pills include:
* anxiety
* paranoia
* nausea
* suicidal thoughts
* drowsiness
* mood or behaviour changes
* restlessness
* racing heartbeat
These symptoms are the very reason people see the doctor in the first place. These are symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is caused by our thinking and no other reason.
You can’t change your thinking with drugs, all drugs will do is muddle your brain! You must learn how to control your thoughts if you want to be anxiety free.
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