Something to help your teenager

A brand new seminar for your teenager.

So you want the best for your child. You want them to grow up to be confident, successful and happy in life. You like them to have nice clothes and have the latest mobile phone but how much are you investing in their mental health?

How will they cope as an adult? As of June 2017, 65,000 young people are on antidepressants in the UK. 13% of the UK are now on antidepressants. If that shocks you then good it should.

So I have created “The Missing lesson” created for teenagers.
In this powerhouse seminar I will teach your teenager how to be more confident, how to change negative thinking, how to change limiting beliefs, how to deal with fears and phobias and how to think to get better results in life.

I am truly excited to provide this seminar as I am seeing more and more teens in my office needing help. Give your child the best start in life by letting me teach them the most important lesson of all. How to run your mind.

There are only 30 places for the seminar on Sunday 10th of June so I can only allow 1 parent to attend with their child if they want to sit in with them.

The price of the seminar is just £25.
You can read more and book your place by hitting this link.
Warm regards