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Welcome to my blog. I’m Steve Norton a qualified hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, motivational speaker, and a true believer in positive thought. Thank you for visiting my website. As a former anxiety attack sufferer for most of my youth I understand how it feels to have fear.

My therapy strategies bear heavily on my own experiences using hypnotherapy and hypnosis and over 18 years working with people who suffer from some form of anxiety. I know how […]

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Do you have to be hypnotised?

Check out my video that answers that question.

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The Anxiety Breakthrough System

25 years ago I changed my life. How did I do it? I read books, listened to audios and watched video’s on how to do it. If you don’t think you can change your life with information you are mistaken. Everything you’ve ever learned you’ve studied!

You can check out the program here!

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Check out this short video to inspire you and change your outlook!

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The choices you have with anxiety

This short video gives you the choices you have when you’re battling anxiety!

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Is this you?

Is this you?

If so ask yourself….How’s my anxiety problem going to go away? Seriously how is it? Surely if you knew the solution you’d have fixed it by now wouldn’t you? So you replay the same thoughts and use the same strategy that didn’t work yesterday in the hope that by some miracle it will just go away!

Maybe you’re the type who just accepts that you’ll have anxiety for the rest of your life so […]

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