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Welcome to my blog. I’m Steve Norton a qualified hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, motivational speaker, and a true believer in positive thought. Thank you for visiting my website. As a former anxiety attack sufferer for most of my youth I understand how it feels to have fear.

My therapy strategies bear heavily on my own experiences using hypnotherapy and hypnosis and over 18 years working with people who suffer from some form of anxiety. I know how […]

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Don’t wait too long for help!

Don’t wait too long for help!
So I received a message from a lady the other day asking for my help. During the course of the conversation it transpired that she contacted me 2 years ago but decided to “think about it”.

During those 2 years her anxiety didn’t improve and she went on medication. This increased over time and her anxiety only worsened.

So now she was finally ready to do something about the situation. Unfortunately due […]

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Attention anxiety professionals

*Attention anxiety professionals*

As well as working full time as a therapist I also train therapists in my Thought Retraining approach. If you’re looking for a structured step by step approach to treat anxiety clients have a look at my new program.

My entire anxiety treatment strategy is now available. There are no quirky techniques just pure psychotherapy delivered in an easy to understand format. Any questions just ask. Here’s the link.
Best wishes

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Does your child REALLY have anxiety?

Does your child REALLY have anxiety or are they making it up?
Recently the government announced that they are pledging 215m to bring mental health treatment into schools. The question is why are so many young people these days having to take time away from school due to anxiety?

Could it be that some have found a way to exploit the system so that if they don’t fancy going in that day they now blame anxiety for […]

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So what’s your plan B?

So if you’re not going to get professional help for anxiety what is your plan B?
1. Live the rest of your life anxious?
2. Take medication to try and relieve it?
3. Hope that a golden unicorn will turn up and magically take it away?

If anxiety is spoiling your life. If you worry constantly and mentally plan for the worst. If it’s ruining your enjoyment of life get in touch.

If you want to do something positive and […]

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Your thoughts are creating your future

It’s true. Your mind is like a magnet. Your thoughts are creating your future. The future that you control. You have to be careful what you think about, because that is what you’re setting up. Good or bad the law of attraction doesn’t care. It’s bringing you what you continuously focus on. I suggest you focus on what you want!

Have a great day!



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