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Welcome to my blog. I’m Steve Norton a qualified hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, motivational speaker, and a true believer in positive thought. Thank you for visiting my website. As a former anxiety attack sufferer for most of my youth I understand how it feels to have fear.

My therapy strategies bear heavily on my own experiences using hypnotherapy and hypnosis and over 18 years working with people who suffer from some form of anxiety. I know how […]

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Symptoms of anxiety

What are the symptoms of anxiety?
The purpose of this video is to give you some answers to the questions I get asked every week. I will cover most apects of anxiety and the most common issues people have with it.

A breakdown of the video content is as follows.
What is anxiety?
How does it start?
Nobody is born with anxiety. It is a learned response.
Only 2 fears.
What are the symptoms of anxiety?
Feeling of impending doom.
Anticipating something bad is […]

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Are you promoting anxiety in your kids?

Are you promoting anxiety with your kids?
So to be clear. I’m not saying we shouldn’t discuss mental health with kids. We just need to understand how impressionable their young minds are.


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working with families

Team effort
A team effort is needed to break free from the grip of anxiety. When you have the type of home support that this young lady has it makes all the difference.


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Hypnotherapy by the session

So a question I get asked quite a bit is why don’t you let people pay by the session?
Here’s why. When you read the reviews it looks like the people who see me have an easy ride. Some do yes but some don’t. In my 4 session gold package clients often have a rough week as they go through the process.


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Understanding stress

Understanding Stress
People come to me wanting me to take away their feelings of stress and anxiety in the hope they can return to their normal ways. What they don’t understand is that their normal ways is what caused the stress in the first place.


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