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Welcome to my blog. I’m Steve Norton a qualified hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, motivational speaker, and a true believer in positive thought. Thank you for visiting my website. As a former anxiety attack sufferer for most of my youth I understand how it feels to have fear.

My therapy strategies bear heavily on my own experiences using hypnotherapy and hypnosis and over 18 years working with people who suffer from some form of anxiety. I know how […]

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Life is hard enough

This is true, be kind to yourself.


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What stops you from doing something about your issues?

You are worth the investment!
Looking through my messages on Facebook I counted 189 messages where people contacted me asking for help, and when I replied there was no answer. I often wonder what became of them. Did they get better by themselves or did they just decide to live with anxiety?

If you were one of the ones who messaged me I’d love to know what became of you. Why did you message me and then […]

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What to expect in therapy?

What to expect in therapy.
Think you know therapy?

Think again. Maybe you’ve had therapy before and you remember feeling emotionally drained at the end of the session. Every session reliving the worst parts of your life.

Clients regularly tell me they’ve had over 40 sessions of CBT and counselling and yet they are no further forward and in some cases are worse than when they started!

Working with me doesn’t feel like therapy I’m told. I’m more of […]

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Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety
By a large margin the biggest issue I deal with these days is Health Anxiety. It counts for approximately 30% of the clients I see.

Do you have Health Anxiety? Let’s see.

Do you worry that you have a condition missed the by doctors?
Do you worry every ache and pain could be cancer or something else?
Do you visit the doctors frequently asking for tests?
Do you visit online forums looking for your symptoms?
Do you worry about your […]

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When should you seek help?

Waiting for things to get worse….
So I got a phone call last week where a guy spent 10 minutes telling me how anxiety had ruined his life. It had affected his business, his income, his self confidence, his enjoyment of life and he was on the brink of divorce.

Did he book in? No, wanted to think about it. Just how bad are people prepared to get before they do something about it? Right now he […]

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