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An anxiety success story!

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An anxiety success story!

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An anxiety success story!

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Some testimonials from the many clients I’ve helped over the years. Some names have been changed to protect their privacy by request.

Hi Steve.

Having suffered anxiety for some 20 years with constant ups and downs things came to a bit of a head for me this year where I had simply had enough! I was returning to a country where I had been working when I suffered my first panic attack and felt those awful symptoms. As the trip approached I became more anxious and started reaching out to the literature in an attempt to rationalise my thoughts.

At that time I came upon a social media post from Steve who I had known for many years as we attended the same school together and I thought why not give him a try, after all, “when all else fails – See Steve!”
I contacted Steve, we had a chat, then set up our first meeting which I must say was much different that I expected.

We discussed the background for a while but then bang! “This is what you need to do and how to do it…………………………”I left feeling a little elated as I looked forward to practicing the techniques Steve taught me. Over the coming days my anxiety was virtually gone and I was positively looking forward to my trip.

My second session was further enlightenment with some excellent references for me to go through in my own time, which I did, and thoroughly enjoyed.

So how did my trip go? It was great, and although I did experience some anxiety I had the tools in the locker to deal with it effectively. I was even in contact with Steve from the other side of the world receiving advice and boosts to my confidence, which was excellent.

My anxiety is now down a good 70-80% down from where I was, and I will of course still experience it from time to time, but I’m now much better equipped to deal with it. I also have a therapist and friend in Steve who I can rely on 100% for support.

If you are suffering, don’t. Steve can and will help you! Realise that anxiety is something that can be treated no matter how long you have suffered – I know!

Good luck on your journey.

Stephen Ingram

Hi Steve,
I think I’ve found the right person, please ignore this if you think I’ve got the wrong guy. I think it was you I came to see in the spring/summer of 1997, I needed
help with my confidence, I was 18, very tall and very fat and wanted to sing in a band but was too scared to sing in front of people and I wanted to feel less self-conscious in social situations. I saw you four times (Once was the initial consultation and I brought my mum with me lol). I eventually transferred the tape copies you gave me of our sessions to mp3 and occasionally when I’m feeling like I need a bit of a boost again I’ll still use those mp3s. I think it was just a dedicated office you had in your own home at that point.

I always wanted to get back in touch but I wasn’t 100% sure if I had found the right person, but after seeing your website and the picture on there, I think I have the right person.

After those sessions I managed to go and get a bar job, I lost all the weight, I went to college and then Uni, I had the confidence to believe I could achieve anything and I went out there and I did it. I live in Glasgow now of all places!! Had I not had the courage to see you in the first place there is a lot I wouldn’t have had the guts to achieve. So I really just wanted to let you know that I’ll never forget what you helped me to achieve and I wanted to say thank you. You changed my life.

I know it was a long time ago and I’m pretty sure you won’t remember me, but I appreciate everything you did.

Thanks Steve, I owe you a lot.


Having been suffering with anxiety for over 5 years, trying every way possible to getting rid of it. From
Going to the doctors and being prescribed with numerous addictive tablets to going to a counsellor. None of that worked
– until I met Steve. I never thought something or someone could get rid of my anxiety and the way I feel within myself the way Steve has in literally 2 weeks! Even after the first week of seeing Steve I felt 80% better soon as I left.

Anyone that has anxiety – this is your guy!
Thank you so much Steve your amazing

Megan Murray

Hi Steve , hope you are well ?

Sorry I haven’t been in touch it’s been so busy lately. I had better let you know how I am getting on!! Well we did a surgical extraction involving a scalpel and lots of blood and I must admit I felt quite faint but this time I was not allowing my mind to play games on me and I wooshed my stupid thoughts in the bin, which really helped!! Today we did another surgical extraction and I was absolutely fine !! I never felt faint , sweaty or anything I couldn’t believe it !!!

First time ever in 20 years I felt nothing just calm and was starting to think what I needed to get from the shops at lunchtime lol ! I don’t know what has happened but it has worked !!! Thank you so much you have made a massive difference in my life x

Caroline K

Hi Steve
I just wanted to thank you so much for the help you have given me. I had been suffering from anxiety and depression for a number of years, and it had got quite bad just before I went to visit Steve for the first time. He was so friendly and welcoming, and I found him very easy to talk to. The results after just one meeting were unbelievable, I had been using the techniques he had given me, but not even as much as I’d have thought I needed to, it was like the changes had happened by magic! My mood had improved dramatically and I found myself worrying less and less. My work life has improved and my productivity has increased 100%. I hope to keep up these changes for life, but I know if I ever do slip, I can pop back to see Steve again. I would thoroughly recommend anyone paying Steve a visit, the help he has given me has been wonderful. Thanks so much Steve

Lucy, Sunderland

 Hi Steve
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help, I know that some of it is down to my work I’ve put in, but if it wasn’t for you showing me how to think, see, say & do things in a more positive way, I wouldn’t be the person I am starting to become & will continue to be now…

I am typing this in tears not of sadness but with happiness & a relief that I haven’t felt in a long time, it’s a wonderful feeling, I can see the future whereas I couldn’t see anything past today before, I feel alive.

You are amazing in what you do in the way you help people, I feel really relaxed speaking to you as you are a genuinely nice guy, I could listen to you all the time, like I said I can’t thank you enough, I will be highly recommending you to other people truly awesome, it’s amazing that something quite simple in retraining your mind, (as long as you have the attitude to change & put in the work) but very effective in a massive way.

I will phone or email in a week and a half as you asked to let you know how I’m progressing further….

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart
Sarah Northallerton

Sarah, Northallerton

Hi Steve
Steve I would like to give you this testimonial. It was a easy for me to offer to write one, the difficult part would be how to keep it short! I could write a whole book on how much Steve has helped me and how different my life is since my two sessions with him. Before I met him I struggled with daily life suffering with severe anxiety attacks. It was so bad that even trying to visit friends was a massive challenge and one where usually the anxiety won. It came out of nowhere and once it took hold. To me, that was the way I was going to be for the rest of my life. After coming across Steve’s name I booked two sessions and even after the first 90min session the difference was unbelievable and I genuinely wouldn’t have thought it possible! I have since moved into new positions at work, moved house and loads more which would have been impossible for me to do beforehand. My whole outlook on life and the way I approach things is also completely different. I genuinely couldn’t recommend Steve enough, in most people’s eyes he’s a real life saver. I will be eternally grateful to him so please, if you can’t get to see him in personal the least you should do is buy his book. You will not regret it.

Paul Simpson, Northallerton

Hi Steve,
hows this for a quick update, ive been using the cd’s since last tuesday and so far i have been to the gym 5 times, that is more than i have been in two whole months Its so weird as i actually look forward to it on my drive home instead of making good reasons why i am too tired to go. The dr has said it could take up to 6 months to get my full energy level back, as it appears I have a caffeine addiction from 2 years of daily redbull to cope with working at stress central, its much better than all the other things she was testing me for, ive been on the wagon for 2months so fingers crossed its not the full 6 months!!! I am back at the gym and already feel better for it so thats great. I can still do 1h on the treadmill but was managing 2hr’s powered by redbull before xmas as was supposed to do kilimanjaro in aug this year for charity. I am going to enjoy the gym and being toxin free and stop pushing myself too hard.
Thanks again!!!
Joanne Barber Middlesbrough

Joanne Barber, Middlesbrough

Hi Steve,
Just thought I’d take some time out to say how much i enjoyed last night. It was really good from my own personal point I feel I don’t have any major anxiety or problems but since meeting you and reading your book my confidence has improved 10 fold a few months ago i would not have dreamed about walking in to a seminar, I even had my worries about going to a hairdressers what am I going to talk about? What if its closed when I get there all this rubbish chatter ha ha like I said it has improved my personal life and that I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you very much Steve!

Bestest Regards

Ben Middlesbrough

Ben Middlesbrough

A short time after a car accident a few years ago I began having panic attacks. Something which I’d felt comfortable doing every day, suddenly felt like a danger. Over time the fear became worse, until I no longer felt like I could drive on certain roads. After 10 years of driving I suddenly had a phobia of it.
I gradually felt ok on certain roads, but motorways, dual carriage ways, driving over bridges, being stuck in traffic became a problem. I would feel trapped. My breathing would become shallow and I’d constantly panic. I felt so unsafe that I would need to get off the road. It was at that point I quickly avoided driving on these roads. I allowed this to carry on for a few years.
Each day before I did anything, I would think about how I would get there and if I would get there. This meant during shopping trips, social events and at work I would feel so anxious by the time I got there and I’d be constantly worrying and feeling anxious about the drive home. It was having a massive impact on my life. I felt like I wasn’t just letting myself down, but other people.
I decided I’d had enough and I could no longer carry on like this. I contacted Steve, after previously meeting him over 10 years ago I felt confident he would be able to help.
Steve immediately made me feel at ease. I wasn’t made to relive the terror I’d been through or go over and over the past. In a short time he used a number of reprogramming techniques and that was it..
Within less than an hour Steve asked if I would go for a drive. Normally I would have been a nervous wreck, but the fear had gone. I didn’t hesitate. I got straight in the car and drove onto the roads which I’d feared for years. I didn’t give it a second thought.
It felt so surreal. The fear was no longer there. I had achieved so much in such a short time. I know that driving is going to become something I enjoy and look forward to from now on and I can’t thank Steve enough for that.


Claire, Press officer

Hi Steve. Thank you so much for this! It’s very generous and kind of you. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me, by teaching me the tools to change my life in a positive way. I am no longer the shell of a person that I was prior to seeing you, and I’m amazed by the positive changes in me, which are markedly noticed by my family and friends. I would recommend you to anyone who needs help Steve, as your really professional, friendly and empathetic, but most importantly you get results. Fantastic !!!!! Will keep in touch Steve and keep up the good work. Kind regards


Julie, Yarm

Thanks for seeing me at such short notice Steve. Your therapy has helped so much. Your techniques are so simple but they really work. Your books great too. Hopefully I wont ever have to see you again but I mean that in a nice way! Thanks again. x


Charlotte, Birmingham

I came to see Steve in a very poor and desperate state of mind, I was very anxious about a sudden on set of intrusive thoughts that seemed to be a re occurrence of problems I once had as a child (the doctor then labelled it as OCD). Steve helped me realize we our-self control our thoughts which in turn make us feel, he showed me the correct techniques to expel negative mind chatter and within three weeks I was a transformed man, I now enjoy life as I did before!
I would recommend anyone to go and see Steve he is a lovely guy and he can sit you down and carm you with his common sense approach and set you on the path to recovery and happiness.
Thanks for all your help Steve I will continue to follow the Principles on my journey to the ultimate end goal “NO DOUBT”


David. Marske

Thanks again Steve for your help mate. I cant tell you enough how its made such a difference in my life. I wouldn’t have believed I could make so much progress in a fortnight. Many many thanks again!


Steven Jones, County Durham

I came to see Steve because I was suffering from Stress. Even after the first session I felt tons better. I had 3 sessions in all. By the 3rd session I felt great. Steve records every hypnosis session onto CD so I now have 3 personal CD’s that I can listen when I want or feel the need. All in all a very professional and no nonsense service from Steve. Well recommended. Thanks Steve x


Jenny C, Norton

I’ve heard Steve speak in one of his seminars and I’ve read his ‘Principles of Life’ book, all I can say is…he really does have the knowledge and skills to change lives very quickly. I work with therapists in the NHS and with the best will in the world although their therapy works, it can’t compete with the efficacy of Steve’s techniques over a much shorter period of time. No papering over cracks….it’s about effective change! If you are willing…. Steve is very able.


Linda Knights, Billingham

Hi Steve Just a short piece of text to say THANKS, what we have achieved together through your practise has helped me, I feel a different person, as I have mentioned to you, I came to you because I needed help, I did this for a very special person in my life. I felt counselling and the CBT were not enough, wish I had come to you first. I have no hesitation in recommending you to everybody I meet, THANKS again, feel free to add to your testimonial page,


Jona, Darlington

Hi Steve, Congrats on the launch of your book, here’s my testimonial for you Steve is amazing how he retrains your mind, to think in a positive way, I used to suffer with depression but after only 2 sessions I don’t have it anymore, I am so thankful to Steve, I am a new woman with a life to live & would recommend him to anyone who needs help. Thanks Steve x


Danielle Brown, County Durham

I came to see Steve 4 years ago because of anxiety. 4 years on and it hasnt come back. The difference with Steve is that he teaches you how to stop anxiety and once you understand why you get it controlling it is easier. I like Steves straight forward approach too as it isnt really like how imagine therapy to be. Theres no dragging up painful memories and reliving them just how to get over the problem. I’d say if you want a no nonsense way to get rid of anxiety etc Steve’s approach is very goo. Highly recommended.
Mark T, Middlesbrough

Mark T, Middlesbrough

Mega thanks Steve, still whooshing!!! x
D Gibbons

D Gibbons