Get rid of anxiety

I want to talk a little bit about how to get rid of anxiety and one of the reasons why so many people with anxiety don’t actually end up getting the help for it.

Help for anxiety 

And obviously I’ve analysed this for a long time over the last 25 years. And for the last 25 years I have literally must have sat through 1000’s of hours of telephone consultations with people.

Hundreds of hours of reading messages from people on the internet who sent me messages telling me about their anxiety has ruined in their life and that they’ve not done anything for years.  Yet here’s the amazing thing, when you do actually then offer people the solution, many of them then go quiet.

They then start going, OK I’ll think about it. When you think about that and if you’ve had anxiety for years and it’s ruining your life and then somebody provides you with a solution. You’d think they’d jump at it. Why do they go quiet with it? Why don’t they go ahead with it? Here’s one of the reasons why, it isn’t every reason but it is definitely one of the reasons. It’s because they are looking for the magic pill.

The magic get rid of anxiety pill

They are looking for someone like myself to do some sort of miraculous thing that will just take their anxiety away without them having to do anything about it. And I’m very, very honest with anyone who ever comes to my anxiety programme, or even books in chat with me.

I always tell them that it always takes work, you always have to work at whatever it is that you have to do.

Now, let’s just imagine though, let’s imagine, let’s play devil’s advocate and pretend there was someone out there whereby you didn’t have to put the effort in. You could just go to see someone like myself and this amazing person was able just to take away your anxiety, years of anxiety, whatever it is all those symptoms you’ve got, and you wouldn’t have to work on it. Imagine that!

How much would that cost you? What would they charge for that service? They could charge whatever they wanted. In fact, they probably just wouldn’t work with regular people, they don’t be working with people like royalty, celebrities, millionaires, billionaires! 

Reality time

Back to reality, though, that doesn’t exist, that person out there does not exist. Everyone that joins my program has to work at it. This is one of the questions I get asked all the time was well.

How much time do I need to work on it Steve? And I’ll say, roughly, the average person has to put in two to three hours a week on my program for 12 weeks in order for it to be successful. They often reply, two or three hours a week, I don’t know I’ve got the time for that! Two to three hours yes, but think about this.

If you’ve got anxiety, you’re anxious for 16 hours a day. It actually works out at 112 hours a week. So if you’re not prepared to put three hours a week in versus 112 hours. Well then you’re going to have anxiety forever. So what I’m saying to you is this. Don’t look for that magic pill, don’t look for that special technique that someone’s offering.

When they say I’ll get rid of anxiety forever in about 20 minutes. It doesn’t exist, if they could do that that we charge in a million pounds of session. So, if you are serious about getting rid of anxiety and you’re considering going to my programme, I’m always very honest with people.

Nothing happens all by itself

You do have to work at it, everything in life that’s ever been worthwhile doing. It took effort. And if you’ve got anxiety and you’ve had it for a long time yes a little bit of a bugger to get rid of, but it’s not impossible. You just need to work with it, or work with me and we can do it, we can change it.

So, I hope that makes sense. And hopefully we get you on the anxiety program, and get rid of it, because it’s it’s raining on your parade it’s fine your life, you don’t have to have it. I’ve now been in anxiety free now for over 30 years and it’s not coming back and it’s gone.

So, when people take that you can’t get rid of it. Ditch those people, it doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. So I hope that makes sense, and I’ll see you again soon for another video. Bye for now.

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Anxiety treatment results

So today I interviewed for my former client to check on her anxiety treatment results. So, I love to do these sort of things. And if anybody knows me, they know that I love to do everything unscripted. I like the natural flow of conversation in unscripted interviews. 

Former client interview

I love just doing things off the cuff, and I never rehearse things. I  just like to get out and do it and especially for my first Instagram Live video for the day. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, and I’m posting here today because I’m actually going to post an interview one of my former clients. A lovely lady called Becky Williams, and she is one of the most inspirational clients I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

What happened after she joined my program?

Becci’s had quite an amazing journey since she first came to see me and joined my program just over a year ago.  We’ve been in touch a few times since. It’s an important part of my work to check on my former client anxiety treatment results.

Long term benefit is the what we are looking for. It’s easy to feel good for a few weeks but what happens when therapy stops?

I’ve been watching her little journey online, and how she’s developed as a person and what she’s done in her own personal life. Quite honestly see is very very inspirational to me, and I’m dying to hear a lot more about how she’s got where she is today. Watch the video to find out what she’s planning to do for the future

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How to remove Anxiety build up

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialists here. Let’s talk about how to remove anxiety build up. So let’s face it for the last 14 months, we’ve all been through the wringer. We’ve all been tormented basically by what’s been going on in the world in life, and especially in this country.

How anxiety builds up

For the last 14 months we’ve been living under the lockdown restrictions and fear, and a lot of basically negative brainwashing. And there’s no way that that wouldn’t have had some sort of effect on us. I absolutely know, it has on people.

Because anxiety and stress is something that generally builds up and we almost like get used to it along the way. So, here’s the thing. Now that the shops have opened today. That doesn’t mean that anxiety is gone away, the residue of anxiety can stay with us for quite a long time.

So now is a good time to actually look at things and say look, it’s time I start to give myself a little bit of TLC. And we do that for everything else you know we go and get our hair done, we get our makeup done all that other stuff.

What we need to do

But we also need to do is look after our minds because our minds have literally been battered, for the last 14 months. Every time you put the radio on Coronavirus negativity every time you look at a bush shelter, pictures of the virus and the pandemics.

Anytime you put the TV, on the newspaper, we’ve literally, we have been put in a state of fear, for the last 14 months. There’s no way that hasn’t had some sort of cycler logical effect on everyone. That’s how anxiety builds up.

So what I’m saying to you is, now is the time to actually get some more normality back to life. And I can help you, I can teach you in a couple of ways. I can teach you how to start to reprogram out of your system.

All of this negativity that’s built up over the last 14 months. And there’s two ways I can do it, you can either work one to one with me, or you can go to my online only program. Both ways work really, really well.

Focus on the solution

We need to get rid of that residue that’s built up inside of you because of 14 months of just negative brainwashing. Let’s get some sort of normality back let’s get that happiness back let’s get you smiling again.

So if that sounds like something that you need some that you want, and it certainly is. Get in touch with me, and we’d have a chat box on one to one sessions. We can also talk about how my online programme can get things back to some sort of normality for you.

In fact better than normal better than what it was before.

You really can do that. So thanks for listening, and we’ll speak soon bye for now.

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The benefits of anxiety

The Benefits of Anxiety

Hi, Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? 

Anxious about losing anxiety!

Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? Anxiety benefits what can they be? Let me give you an example, quite often when people will send me messages and say yes, I’ve got terrible anxiety and when I offer them the solution to that and say, yes, we can help you with that.

We can make you feel more confident. We can make you feel more relaxed. We can make you feel so much better inside that person suddenly thinks. 

Anxiety and your identity

I’ve never known that person! What will I be like as a person with that and suddenly they start fearing the idea of losing their anxiety because they have got an identity as an anxious person.

At some level they are getting benefits from having anxiety, and some of those benefits could be, is that they’re able to use it as an excuse not to do things. They can use excuse to get out of things, you can get attention from it.

You can control situations and you may be allowed not to go to work because of it. There are so many different things. So quite often when people ring me up and I start talking about life without anxiety they start thinking wait a minute. Do I really want to get rid of it,  because sometimes anxiety can be  quite a cushy little number.

Your doubts about who you are?

If I have got to get rid of anxiety and live as a regular person am I able to do it? Who will I be? I don’t know myself as that person and suddenly the idea of losing anxiety becomes actually scarier than the idea of keeping it.

So quite often when people call and ask can I help them and I say yes, I can help, I’ll never hear back from them because they have  decided that there’s more benefits in keeping anxiety. 

That’s not in every case obviously because I do work with a lot of people with anxiety, but I often get people back out when they think about it. They suddenly realise that there’s more to lose than to gain and they’re choosing to be anxious for the benefits.

So I hope that helps you a little bit more idea and insight into the  psychology of the mind. It’s a fascinating thing at times working with people that anxiety 

You think it’d be really quite clear cut with anxiety. They don’t want it. It’s not always the case. So I hope that makes sense. I’ll see you again soon for another video.

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Can anxiety be removed permanently?

Can anxiety be removed permanently? That is the big question! If it can’t then I’d better contact my old clients and tell them to come back. Seriously though, most modern therapies only believe we can manage anxiety or cope with it. It’s simply not true. 

Getting rid of anxiety

Can permanently get rid of anxiety is the number 1 question I am asked. It doesn’t have to be a permanent condition, even though many people who work in therapy do believe that it has to be permanent, you just got to manage it, it isn’t.

However, this is important to understand. Even though you get rid of anxiety permanently. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never ever be without an anxious moment. Life will present things at times that will make you anxious, But it doesn’t mean that you are in anxiety doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from anxiety life generally will give us times in all our lives that we will feel anxious about something.

But that’s the big difference. Anxiety is, it’s almost like a permanent step when you’ve got anxiety, anxious moments are just how we react to things that happen in our lives. So, my clients who have been in my programme.

Understanding anxiety

Does that mean that they never ever have an anxious moment and they did, they will have times that will test them. There will be times that they will still feel anxious from time to time, but they are not suffering from anxiety.

They are reacting and adapting to situations, and through the things I teach their responses will be far better, They will be far better equipped, of how to deal with those anxious situations than she would have done before.

So, it is natural to feel anxious if you bump your car. If you are going to get the sack. If you’ve done something that isn’t very pleasant. The anxious feeling is quite normal. But that is not anxiety.

Those things pass really quick, the sensations go up pretty quick, and then you’re back to we might call normal again. But anxiety is a part of permanence step. So, I hope that answers that question.

Yes, anxiety can be removed, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve ever feel any anxious states because of life. Life will always test you that life will always throw something at you. And it’s how we react to those things that makes the difference.

So hope that makes sense. And we’ll see you again soon for another video so have an amazing day.

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