Do you have anxiety and don’t realise it

Do you have anxiety without even realising it? Can you relate to some of the following symptoms? A lot of people don’t even realise they’ve actually got anxiety because people with anxiety tend to have very similar ways of thinking.

So let’s run through some Anxiety traits and see if these resonate with you.

Paranoia. Do you feel like people are talking about you. Do you think that people are saying things behind your back. Do you feel as if people are plotting against you, saying nasty things all the time, if that was what you do, that is an anxiety trait

People pleasing. Always wanting to people, always wanting people to say thank you, always wanting to help people all the time, and you feel as if like, if you don’t do it for them, something will go wrong in their lives. So you feel as if almost as if you are responsible for their lives. If that sounds like you. That’s an anxiety trait.

Perfectionism. Are you a perfectionist? Do you want everything to be perfect? And even when it’s done you’re very self critical about your work or what you’ve done. And you always think critically about any work you’ve done. Picking fault with it thinking it could have been better. If so, That is it an anxiety trait.

There are so many anxiety traits that people don’t even realise, are part of the anxiety family. Especially when you start adding these things up. Lets say for instance you’re doing three of those things, you will be an anxious person. When we look at, anxiety, and the mechanics of it, generally, most people with anxiety, are doing the same things in their heads.

They’re creating the same results. I call it swimming with a shoal, the shoal of fishes. All people with anxiety do roughly the same sort of thinking patterns in the heads. And when we look at people who are happy, they’re not using those patterns.

How happy people think

They don’t think like that, they’re not paranoid and don’t feel as if they’re responsible for the world. They’re not overly critical, and all those other things. So what I do my anxiety programme is I’m basically teaching people how to change shoals.

So instead of following the shoal of anxiety people and doing what anxious people do and how they think, I teach people how happy people think. Because there’s a different way that happy people think, compared to how anxious people think. 

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Why is anxiety worse at night

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. One of the questions I get asked all the time is, why does anxiety happen at certain times of the day? Why does that tend to happen more daytime or night time? Now, to answer that properly, you’ve really got to understand, what I call the power of suggestion.

How anxiety is created

In fact, what you tell yourself is lining up the future anxiety. So quite often people say to me every morning when I wake up my anxiety is terrible. It’s bad first thing, and then as it goes on through the day. It then starts to diminish and by later on it’s all gone.
What they don’t realise when they say things like that is that they’re actually lining it up in their mind and almost ordering it through the very language that they speak. Now I know that might sound quite outrageous to someone who’s not in the psychological field like I am. This is absolutely true though, your own language patterns are actually planning and lining up your future anxiety.
So when people say to me “why is my anxiety terrible at night, why is it terrible in the morning”? They tell me, hour by hour about how it changes throughout the day. They don’t realise that they’re actually planning, and using that hypnotic suggestion on themselves.

How anxiety becomes programmed

And people often say to me “my anxiety is terrible at night, that’s why I’ve got to put the telly on to go to sleep, because I know my anxiety is going to be worse”. “I can’t have any quiet because if I’m quiet, it’s going to get worse”. What they’re actually doing is telling their brain to make them anxious.

And if you do it every day and you tell yourself that over and over and over again you’re going to make that a habit.  You’re going to make that into a reality. But like all things in life that you practice, If you practice practice having anxiety at night or in the morning when you wake up, you’re going to have it.

The solution to anxiety at night

So what we really need to do instead is actually start to talk to yourself, so that you’re getting the results that you want instead. Which is, you want to have a nice relaxed night. You want to feel good in the morning. Well, in order for that to happen. That’s what you’ve got to start telling yourself, will happen.
Now obviously, that’s not going to happen right away. If you’ve for years been telling yourself that every night you go to bed, you’ve got terrible anxiety but it is a start. That’s what you must start to do, you must start to decondition or recondition your mind. How you talk to you is everything, and it is determining so many results in your life right now.
I hear people on on Facebook and they’ll say stuff like, oh my God every day when I go to bed. I know I won’t be able to go to sleep and to them, it’s quite an innocent statement. To their mind though it is a command. So be very careful what you tell yourself about you, because the things you tell yourself create your future.
So I hope that helps and I hope that gives you that answer that you’re looking forward that if you need any more help. You can either hit me up on here, send me a message.
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When will anxiety go away?

Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. And what I want to talk to you about today is something I get asked all the time, which is, when will my anxiety symptoms go away? Well unfortunately, unless you actually do something about anxiety, it isn’t just going to go away magically by itself.

Anxiety facts

The way to think about anxiety is a little bit like a smoking. Anxiety is a habit like smoking. It is the repetition of thinking that creates the habit that we call it anxiety, and the symptom anxiety is that horrible feeling inside of you.

So like smoking, the more you smoke, the more you reinforce it, the more you make that habit more of a part of your daily life. So anxiety is very much like that. In order to change that habit. You have to know how to change it you have to have a plan B. 

You’ve also asked yourself, how will it just go away by itself? Does that even sound realistic? So in order to get rid of anxiety, you have to do some psychological reprogramming of your mind, to get rid of that habit that is just there at the moment. So there’s obviously lots of different ways you can do that.

There’s lots of different self help methods you can use for that. You can contact someone like myself, for a personal one to one. With that you can actually try my Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program, and that is really good for helping to remove anxiety.  Please be aware though you simply will not just wake up one morning and your anxiety will be gone all by itself.

And the reason why is because every day without realising it, you’re practising and rehearsing your next anxiety problem in your mind. You do this with your own very thoughts you are rehearsing your next upcoming difficulty. Now if you do that every day, a few hours a day,  you are literally reinforcing that every day.

The brutal truth

So the idea that one day you’ll wake up and that will stop. It isn’t really realistic. What you’ve got to do is get some proper psychological help, and they will show you how to remove anxiety. It is quite a complex thing. So if you’re looking for help, definitely go and see someone who is really well qualified.

Someone has got really good reviews. So that’s been doing it for quite a long time, it is not something that you want to go see someone who’s just a lay person, someone who’s just done a little bit of training or bought an online course. It needs to be professionally, looked at. So I hope that helps.

I hope that you understand that anxiety itself will not just go away one morning when you wake up isn’t as much as wishful thinking is very nice. You’ve got to be able to change that programming your mind.

Best wishes


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Can anxiety be removed permanently?

Can anxiety be removed permanently? That is the big question! If it can’t then I’d better contact my old clients and tell them to come back. Seriously though, most modern therapies only believe we can manage anxiety or cope with it. It’s simply not true. 

Getting rid of anxiety

Can permanently get rid of anxiety is the number 1 question I am asked. It doesn’t have to be a permanent condition, even though many people who work in therapy do believe that it has to be permanent, you just got to manage it, it isn’t.

However, this is important to understand. Even though you get rid of anxiety permanently. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never ever be without an anxious moment. Life will present things at times that will make you anxious, But it doesn’t mean that you are in anxiety doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from anxiety life generally will give us times in all our lives that we will feel anxious about something.

But that’s the big difference. Anxiety is, it’s almost like a permanent step when you’ve got anxiety, anxious moments are just how we react to things that happen in our lives. So, my clients who have been in my programme.

Understanding anxiety

Does that mean that they never ever have an anxious moment and they did, they will have times that will test them. There will be times that they will still feel anxious from time to time, but they are not suffering from anxiety.

They are reacting and adapting to situations, and through the things I teach their responses will be far better, They will be far better equipped, of how to deal with those anxious situations than she would have done before.

So, it is natural to feel anxious if you bump your car. If you are going to get the sack. If you’ve done something that isn’t very pleasant. The anxious feeling is quite normal. But that is not anxiety.

Those things pass really quick, the sensations go up pretty quick, and then you’re back to we might call normal again. But anxiety is a part of permanence step. So, I hope that answers that question.

Yes, anxiety can be removed, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve ever feel any anxious states because of life. Life will always test you that life will always throw something at you. And it’s how we react to those things that makes the difference.

So hope that makes sense. And we’ll see you again soon for another video so have an amazing day.

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Is counselling effective for anxiety

A question I get asked all the time is, is counselling effective for anxiety. So I’ll explain in this short video why counselling isn’t effective for anxiety. So many people go back to counselling even though it didn’t help them the last time. Why? Because they hope it will work the next time round. Counselling is the wrong route for anxiety though. It’s the wrong tool. Watch my video and I’ll explain why.

The simple facts on treating anxiety

I want to talk to you about something I hear almost every single week, which is where people tell me that they’ve tried counselling in the past, and they’re going back to try it again.

Now, the thing with counselling it’s very very good for treating bereavement. When you’ve lost somebody when you’ve just need to talk to someone counselling is amazing for that.

But let’s say for instance you’ve got anxiety. You can’t just talk away anxiety you can’t just have a conversation about it and then that anxiety just gonna disappear by itself. Using counselling to try to get rid of anxiety is a bit like taking a toothpick to try to knock down a house. It isn’t going to work.

And when you think about the logic behind what most people do is they have counselling and then 5 to 10 years later they go back and have some more of it. So if it didn’t work before. It’s not going to work again.

And it was Albert Einstein actually said that the definition of madness is trying to get a different result by doing the same thing. So when you understand what counselling really is it is it isn’t for anxiety.

Anxiety is like a computer virus

Anxiety is very much a mind programme, it is like, almost like a computer virus that gets stuck in your mind. So simply talking about it won’t remove it. You’ve got to go into the source, you’ve got to go into the, the hard drive if you like of the brain, and dig it out.

It’s almost like or like imagine if you had a problem with your boiler, would you expect the boiler man to come around every week just have a chat about that? Would you expect that to actually fix the problem? No you wouldn’t. Anxiety is exactly the same anxiety needs specific tools and techniques to remove it.

So, if you’re one of these people who is, you know, either anxiety for years, you’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked, simply the logic of going back to do more things that didn’t work. Does that even make sense.

No, of course it doesn’t. In order to change anxiety, you’ve got to do something completely differently, you’ve got to, you’ve got to go see someone who deals with it day in day out. Who, that’s their bread and butter. So if you’ve got anxiety, and you want to get some help with it, jump on the phone and get in touch. 

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