Cocaine addiction

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here, I’m getting a lot more calls these days regarding cocaine addiction. What a lot of people don’t realise is when they’re taking cocaine is that the average cocaine, especially on Teesside area contains 5% cocaine.

What is inside cocaine?

So you got to ask yourself, what is the other 95%. Let’s face it if you’re putting your faith in a drug dealer! And what’s the chance that they’ll be putting something, fairly intelligent in there?
All they care about is money. All they care about is making more money out of you, they don’t care about what they’re putting in the wrap. You’re just an idiot to them, who’s spending all that money on cocaine.
And now, especially now the pubs are open people are probably doing more and more. But I guess before that we’re doing in the homes and stuff and it seems quite an innocent thing people don’t often think of themselves as having a problem with cocaine because I think  I only do it on the weekend.
I only do on the weekend so I don’t really have a problem! But what you got to really think to yourself, is this what is contained inside of it. Think of it from the drug dealers point of view, what would you put in that?

What could the real ingredients of cocaine be?

What would you do if you were the dealer? You just put in anything that would try to mimic it anything that would give you that sort of like tingly feeling. Some of the ingredients are rat poison, under the sink cleaning products. You’ve also got to think about that, that’s gone into your bloodstream, it’s also gone in your brain. So all that stuff is actually going around your brain.
So, I wonder what the long term consequences of that will be? Best of all, the consequences to your family, your friends, because it’s never just a simple thing of doing a little bit of a bit of coke on the weekend. It ends up on on a Wednesday night, then it ends up on a Thursday or Friday night, and before you know it, you’re doing it every day.
And you’ve really got to think about the consequences of that, because I get people phone me, and they’ve lost everything, they’ve lost the jobs, their wives, their children, everything they’ve just lost it due to cocaine addiction.

It’s just a bit of fun isn’t it?

And it all started out just having a little bit of coke on a weekend, and nothing, nothing too serious. And yes its mostly the boys, yeah I’m not saying that women don’t do it. Women clearly do it. But by far the amount of people that do it its men, men with a lot of money in the pockets too. Offshore workers, people have got a lot of time on their hands are the usual culprits.
People just never had money that they have today and yet on the weekend I think it’s part of that party thing and do a little bit of coke here and there but it will only lead to your downfall. These people are pretend to be your friends who offer you a little bit of coke, they’re not your friends, those people in your life actually your enemies.
They’re going to take away everything that you love in your life, that you are risking every single thing here, your relationship, your children, your job, your health, your mental health and for what? Sticking a bit of white powder up your nose!

Know your enemies

So anyone who tries to persuade you and tell you it’s okay just have a little bit of coke on the weekend, is not your friend. That’s actually your enemy, and you need to get the hell away from those people, because it will get out of hand, I will guarantee it and I get people who phone me but it’s gone beyond my help.
I can’t help them anymore because they’ve gone too far into it, they’ve lost everything they’ve had. They had nice cars, nice houses and everything and now they’ve got nothing. but just this living just nothing anymore now just mentally they’re, they’re absolutely terrible step. So think about that the next time someone offers you some cork, that little bit of innocent cork, they’ll get a sniff here and there, it isn’t innocent, it will lead to your downfall.

The solution

So don’t even start it, you don’t need it, if they need it, that’s fine, that’s their business. But that’s nothing to do with you, and you really need to look at the company that you keep, because if the company that you keep are all doing that on the weekend, you need to stay well well away from them because they will drag you down with them.
They don’t care. They want you to be done with them, but be smart, think about this. Think about how many people that you know, even celebrities who have been hooked on cocaine and stuff, and you know and that was probably the real stuff. God knows what the stuff is that you’ve tried. You can use only imagine what it must be.
So, think smart put your family self first and yourself first, and, and just say no to that cocaine addiction because it is the way to ruin. So I hope that makes sense, and have a fantastic day. I’ll see you again soon for another video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye for now.
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Why is anxiety worse at night

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. One of the questions I get asked all the time is, why does anxiety happen at certain times of the day? Why does that tend to happen more daytime or night time? Now, to answer that properly, you’ve really got to understand, what I call the power of suggestion.

How anxiety is created

In fact, what you tell yourself is lining up the future anxiety. So quite often people say to me every morning when I wake up my anxiety is terrible. It’s bad first thing, and then as it goes on through the day. It then starts to diminish and by later on it’s all gone.
What they don’t realise when they say things like that is that they’re actually lining it up in their mind and almost ordering it through the very language that they speak. Now I know that might sound quite outrageous to someone who’s not in the psychological field like I am. This is absolutely true though, your own language patterns are actually planning and lining up your future anxiety.
So when people say to me “why is my anxiety terrible at night, why is it terrible in the morning”? They tell me, hour by hour about how it changes throughout the day. They don’t realise that they’re actually planning, and using that hypnotic suggestion on themselves.

How anxiety becomes programmed

And people often say to me “my anxiety is terrible at night, that’s why I’ve got to put the telly on to go to sleep, because I know my anxiety is going to be worse”. “I can’t have any quiet because if I’m quiet, it’s going to get worse”. What they’re actually doing is telling their brain to make them anxious.

And if you do it every day and you tell yourself that over and over and over again you’re going to make that a habit.  You’re going to make that into a reality. But like all things in life that you practice, If you practice practice having anxiety at night or in the morning when you wake up, you’re going to have it.

The solution to anxiety at night

So what we really need to do instead is actually start to talk to yourself, so that you’re getting the results that you want instead. Which is, you want to have a nice relaxed night. You want to feel good in the morning. Well, in order for that to happen. That’s what you’ve got to start telling yourself, will happen.
Now obviously, that’s not going to happen right away. If you’ve for years been telling yourself that every night you go to bed, you’ve got terrible anxiety but it is a start. That’s what you must start to do, you must start to decondition or recondition your mind. How you talk to you is everything, and it is determining so many results in your life right now.
I hear people on on Facebook and they’ll say stuff like, oh my God every day when I go to bed. I know I won’t be able to go to sleep and to them, it’s quite an innocent statement. To their mind though it is a command. So be very careful what you tell yourself about you, because the things you tell yourself create your future.
So I hope that helps and I hope that gives you that answer that you’re looking forward that if you need any more help. You can either hit me up on here, send me a message.
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What is OCD?

Hi everyone, Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. And what I want to talk about today is OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. And a lot of people these days seem to be suffering from it. And especially, more so because of the Code of Regulations.

What is OCD?

So anyone that was struggling with OCD, before COVID came along as pretty much seeing an increase on their OCD behaviour. So the question is is what causes it? What causes OCD? Well, the underlying cause of OCD is that you’ve got some anxiety, at some level, and it’s manifesting itself as OCD.
What you really need to be doing is actually looking at what is the anxiety about what is causing the anxiety so the symptom is OCD, but the cause is some sort of form of underlying anxiety. Now obviously at this point, we can only estimate what it could be.
It could be something unresolved from your childhood. It could be something in your life, you’re not happy about. It could be so many different reasons but it is manifested itself, as these compulsions compulsions to do things.

OCD traits

Everything from standing on certain tiles on the floor to cleaning, washing hands, you name it, you know, things that you say to yourself, magpies the whole thing. These are all OCD traits. But one thing I never do when I’m working with a client is actually just work on the OCD symptom itself. That is a symptom of something else.
So if you just treat the symptom, what happens is it just comes back. What we need to do is treat the cause of OCD and by treating the cause of that. Then we can remove the OCD. The question is, what is the cause. And like I said, in most cases, you’ve got some sort of underlining stress or anxiety.
That’s actually manifesting itself in that compulsion. It’s a coping mechanism, like some people cook themselves, so people will overeat. Some people drink too much alcohol use of all coping mechanisms. So what’s really going on in the background. So if that sounds like something you can relate to certainly, get in touch with me.

What you can do to help yourself

Something that will help you is definitelyCDO my online programme. Or I can help you with one to one. Whenever you think is right for you. So I hope that makes sense today, and if you like my videos please hit that subscribe button that and you’ll never miss another video.
Let’s get as much people these videos shared as possible so I can really start to help people understand mental health. So thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you again soon. Another video, and I’ll put some links on there too. If you want to look on our website and see what’s up with stuff. Fantastic debt. We’ll see you again soon. Bye for now.
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Mental health awareness week

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here, and guess what, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week again. God I hate this week, where everybody goes on Facebook talking about…. If you need a friend I’m there…. If you’ve got some mental health issues you’re okay, it’s okay not to be okay, and all that crap that you see on Facebook.

Why these campaigns aren’t effective 

What they should really be talking about is the biggest issue of it all. Which is why, why do so many people these days have mental health issues? That’s the real question I reckon about 80% of people actually walking around at any given moment got mental health issues, matters mean the Gordon math doesn’t mean they’re on the, on the brink of suicide or anything but they are actually operating on a level where they’re just not happy.
The question is why. Okay, it’s this case that the pandemic helped out with the upside the Freudian slip out of the equation. Let’s say that it didn’t happen this Corona stuff. People were still getting more and more anxious all the time. And the reason why is because this is simple, people on average do not know how to run their brands, so that they can make themselves happy.

Buying happiness

And you see all the time because people will go and try to do external things to try to make themselves happy they will go to the doctors for pills they will go to the beautician for Botox, they will do not see anything wrong with that but that’s what they do, they will get their lips fat, they will do all sorts of things they will try anything struggling to make themselves feel happy.
Now the problem with that is that whenever you try to use an external device or tool to try and make yourself happy, it is always a very short lived, outcome. The real reason why most people are not happy today despite the fact that we’ve got more money, more nicer cars nicer houses, they know better lifestyles than ever.

It’s all about the mind!

It’s because the way that they run their brain is not in line with what will make them happy, is the way that they’re think whether they have their perception set up on all different things. So it doesn’t matter about what you’ve got, or whatever like that, How much you how big your houses. If you’re not running your mind right, you’re never going to be happy.
So, mental health week. Well, the biggest problem that, that we have to do is that the mental health services provided by the NHS are crap. I’m just going to be blunt, the outcrop counselling is not good for anxiety, it’s not great for depression, it’s good for bereavement CBT, I also know people.
I will say well CBT CBT is effective, it has a very very low success rate, and is often traumatic for people going through it. So, what people really want is actually how do I go from where I am now to where I want to be. That’s what people really need to know because what most people don’t realise is the way that they’re running their brands daily is not the right way.

Poor results aren’t goof enough!

Yes, you get some good results, you got to work on that, whatever, which generally what happens is, on a personal level, how you think about yourself personally is not working for you. So when I do my anxiety programme is I teach you how to control your mind. I give you the missing information that you need to bridge the gap.
So, when we go to school we’re taught all sorts of things that we never need to know like algebra, but there isn’t a lesson called how to run your brain. Well that’s exactly what I teach on my programme. I teach you how to control your thoughts, how to think with logic. What foods make your brain work better and how to control your emotions and so many different things like that.
That’s just one of the first four sessions on the programme. So rather than going through and doing the same things over and over again in your mind getting the same results. Why not say look, I’m going to try something completely different. Because what you’re doing now simply is not working.
And the definition of madness is doing the same thing, that didn’t work, try and get different results. So I’ll leave you a little link to have a look at my programme. Check it out. 
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Mental health tips

Hi so I was recently interviewed by former bad boy and strongman Brian Cockerill asking for mental health tips. Brian turned his life around by coming off drugs and finding peace within the Christian faith. Check out the video below to get some great tips and insights into mental health issues. 

How to treat anxiety

So here today we have an interview with myself and Brian Cockerill. Therefore where we will discuss many aspects of mental health. I will provide some great tips and how we can start to change the way we think and feel about mental health. There are lots of topics included in this video in addition to a nice laid back approach.
Topics include motivation and also General Anxiety Disorder. Health anxiety, depression, OCD, and many other things in this light hearted interview. It’s nice to interact with the audience and answer questions from a live audience. 

Tips included in the video

Lack of motivation is a big issue for people today and I discuss how lack of goal setting is often the cause. You can’t be motivated if you have nothing to be motivated about!
Health anxiety is another issue that creates a lot of mental anguish these days. In the interview I discuss the symptoms and what we can do about it.
We will discuss my childhood growing up, bullying, an online trawling. Brian gives his own personal accounts to his life hence adding to this powerful interview. Brian discusses some of the struggles that he’s had to encounter in his own life, including drug addiction and also depression.
So sit back, pop your headphones on and listen to this interview. As I truly believe you will learn quite a lot from it. Consequently you will get a good insight to my therapy hence a good all round experience.
Best wishes, Steve Norton.

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