Cocaine addiction

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here, I’m getting a lot more calls these days regarding cocaine addiction. What a lot of people don’t realise is when they’re taking cocaine is that the average cocaine, especially on Teesside area contains 5% cocaine.

What is inside cocaine?

So you got to ask yourself, what is the other 95%. Let’s face it if you’re putting your faith in a drug dealer! And what’s the chance that they’ll be putting something, fairly intelligent in there?
All they care about is money. All they care about is making more money out of you, they don’t care about what they’re putting in the wrap. You’re just an idiot to them, who’s spending all that money on cocaine.
And now, especially now the pubs are open people are probably doing more and more. But I guess before that we’re doing in the homes and stuff and it seems quite an innocent thing people don’t often think of themselves as having a problem with cocaine because I think  I only do it on the weekend.
I only do on the weekend so I don’t really have a problem! But what you got to really think to yourself, is this what is contained inside of it. Think of it from the drug dealers point of view, what would you put in that?

What could the real ingredients of cocaine be?

What would you do if you were the dealer? You just put in anything that would try to mimic it anything that would give you that sort of like tingly feeling. Some of the ingredients are rat poison, under the sink cleaning products. You’ve also got to think about that, that’s gone into your bloodstream, it’s also gone in your brain. So all that stuff is actually going around your brain.
So, I wonder what the long term consequences of that will be? Best of all, the consequences to your family, your friends, because it’s never just a simple thing of doing a little bit of a bit of coke on the weekend. It ends up on on a Wednesday night, then it ends up on a Thursday or Friday night, and before you know it, you’re doing it every day.
And you’ve really got to think about the consequences of that, because I get people phone me, and they’ve lost everything, they’ve lost the jobs, their wives, their children, everything they’ve just lost it due to cocaine addiction.

It’s just a bit of fun isn’t it?

And it all started out just having a little bit of coke on a weekend, and nothing, nothing too serious. And yes its mostly the boys, yeah I’m not saying that women don’t do it. Women clearly do it. But by far the amount of people that do it its men, men with a lot of money in the pockets too. Offshore workers, people have got a lot of time on their hands are the usual culprits.
People just never had money that they have today and yet on the weekend I think it’s part of that party thing and do a little bit of coke here and there but it will only lead to your downfall. These people are pretend to be your friends who offer you a little bit of coke, they’re not your friends, those people in your life actually your enemies.
They’re going to take away everything that you love in your life, that you are risking every single thing here, your relationship, your children, your job, your health, your mental health and for what? Sticking a bit of white powder up your nose!

Know your enemies

So anyone who tries to persuade you and tell you it’s okay just have a little bit of coke on the weekend, is not your friend. That’s actually your enemy, and you need to get the hell away from those people, because it will get out of hand, I will guarantee it and I get people who phone me but it’s gone beyond my help.
I can’t help them anymore because they’ve gone too far into it, they’ve lost everything they’ve had. They had nice cars, nice houses and everything and now they’ve got nothing. but just this living just nothing anymore now just mentally they’re, they’re absolutely terrible step. So think about that the next time someone offers you some cork, that little bit of innocent cork, they’ll get a sniff here and there, it isn’t innocent, it will lead to your downfall.

The solution

So don’t even start it, you don’t need it, if they need it, that’s fine, that’s their business. But that’s nothing to do with you, and you really need to look at the company that you keep, because if the company that you keep are all doing that on the weekend, you need to stay well well away from them because they will drag you down with them.
They don’t care. They want you to be done with them, but be smart, think about this. Think about how many people that you know, even celebrities who have been hooked on cocaine and stuff, and you know and that was probably the real stuff. God knows what the stuff is that you’ve tried. You can use only imagine what it must be.
So, think smart put your family self first and yourself first, and, and just say no to that cocaine addiction because it is the way to ruin. So I hope that makes sense, and have a fantastic day. I’ll see you again soon for another video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye for now.
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