Chemical imbalance and depression

What I want to talk about today is depression. Now often when people got the doctors what they’re told is that the reason for depression is because we’ve got a chemical imbalance.

Chemical Imbalance

People are often told they’re chemically imbalanced and what they need to do is re-address that by getting some drugs, some antidepressants that will sort out that chemical imbalance that you’ve got. Now what I found is that in the vast, vast majority of clients I’ve dealt with over the last 25 years, virtually all apart from a handful have ever had any sort of blood test to determine whether or not they’ve actually got a chemical imbalance.
Most of them, the vast, vast majority to them, have actually just been given medication without a blood test. Now, so if you actually think someone’s got a chemical imbalance. Wouldn’t you think to do a blood test to see whether whether or not they did? Can you imagine any of the sort of medical procedure where a doctor thought that you had a problem, and didn’t give you a blood test for it?

Depression doesn’t need a test?

Yet, in mental health. That’s what they do. They are literally given people pills without testing them to find out what the real cause is. How often do doctors actually ask you about your lifestyle, about your diet, about whether you exercise, or anything like that, very very rare that they do, obviously get some of the doctors that would do that for most of the time, all they’re going to do is give you some pills, and tell you that take these pills. Set up pills to give the last person.
Now, let’s have a look at depression. So, okay. So, if you had a chemical imbalance, then nothing I did with my clients would work. How come then, having gone through my anxiety programme, which includes depression. People get better if it was actually a chemical imbalance, anything I did with that client would be completely and utterly futile.

Chemical imbalance or thought imbalance?

Yet isn’t the vast majority of my clients with depression, either get quite a lot less depressed, or they remove depression completely. So it begs the question doesn’t. What really is causing this imbalance. Well, I already know what it is. It is the way that we think. Because if you think about people with depression, they do think a certain way they’ve got certain outlook on life they’ve got a certain way of thinking about things that is different to people who don’t have depression.
The old half empty versus half full glass. So, what really causes depression in the vast majority of cases, and I’m not saying that some people don’t have chemical imbalances that clearly do, but in the vast majority of cases with depression, people are depressed but because of the way they think, with their look at the world, the way they run their brains the way that they’re looking at the future or the past that’s actually what’s determining how they feel.

What causes depression in most cases

Our thoughts create our emotions, what we think about them transpires itself into a feeling, and people who are depressed and tend to have depressive thoughts, and they run those thoughts through a daily basis. And that then, in turn, creates that chemical imbalance that doctors talk about.
But the big question is which one comes first. Is it the chemical imbalance, or is it the way of thinking that causes the imbalance. Well, in my experience in the vast majority of cases it is the way that we think. If you’d like to work one to one with me fill out the form below.
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Are anxiety and depression genetic?

Are anxiety and depression genetic? One thing we DO know is that it can be taught to children. If you have young children you might want to watch this video.In this short video I will explain why anxiety and depression can be passed through the generations so rather than it being genetic it can be learned.

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Facts about anxiety

With so much information about anxiety online these days it’s hard to seperate the facts from the fiction! Here is what most people aren’t telling you about anxiety….

The TRUTH can be hard to accept….at first.

All psychological problems don’t exist in reality. We make them up. They are a thought that we entertain. They are part of a fantasy we create. Then we utterly convince ourselves that they’re real and then we have a problem.

When I had anxiety I believed it was real. It felt real. It was happening to me. I woke up and it was there. In the pit of my stomach. It was the first thing I looked for when I woke up. I then knew I was going to have a bad day.

I then mentally planned my day. What could go wrong? What if this happened, what if that happened. Then I felt more anxious waiting for those things to occur. What I didn’t realise at the time is that I was PLANNING these things to happen.

How does anxiety start?

You see what you think about your mind thinks you want. If you imagine negative scenarios and endings your mind thinks you want this. Your mind gets to work on it.

The facts about anxiety is that most psychological issues are caused by the person creating habitual thought patterns. Running them through enough times so that they become their everyday thinking. Then they mould a life around the belief that they have a psychological problem.

Keeping control of your imagination

A lot of clients I see have convinced themselves that they in a worse place than what they actually are. My job is to break the habitual thought pattern and replace it with something more in line with what they want.

So now you know the facts about anxiety, If you can relate to this and would like to discuss this further please feel free to message me on here or via my website.

Warm regards


Hypnotherapy in middlesbrough
Hypnotherapy in middlesbrough

Disappointed by counselling or CBT?

Not what was expected? People who go for counselling or CBT often expect something that would give them some strategies that would help them to overcome their anxiety. They often wait a long time for an appointment and leave feeling more frustrated. They’re not alone. Approximately 90% of my clients have been through counselling and CBT and found it didn’t help or in some cases made them feel worse. So if you’re disappointed by counselling or CBT you are not alone.

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Don’t blend in!

Don’t worry about not blending in!

Don’t ever worry about being different. Having your own views and ideas. Not following the crowd. Every successful person the world over became so NOT because they rolled with everyone else, but because they followed their own heart.

Traits of successful people

When you look at the people who have changed the world you see that they are different from every one else. They care far less about the opinions of people and care more about what they are passionate about. You don’t see Bill Gates dripping in Gucci clothes that’s because he doesn’t care if his look doesn’t fit in. He is secure in himself.

Be yourself

Don’t hang onto someone else’s coat tails. Be your own person. You do what YOU want to do. You BE what you want to be. You don’t have to seek permission or any one else’s approval. Be a free spirit even if it goes against the flowing of the tide.

Make it so that there’s nobody in this world like you. Not even close.

Have a great day and don’t forget to shine ⭐️