How to stop health anxiety

How to stop health anxiety

Ok so we’re going to talk about how to stop health anxiety, the symptoms of health anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help.

Firstly to understand how to stop Health Anxiety, we’d have to look at the life of Maria. Maria had always been on the move all her life, and had managed to be in great shape physically until one fateful winter. She says that she reached out put off her alarm clock early in the morning one day, and she felt a sensation like there were many needles on her leg.

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Symptoms of anxiety

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

The purpose of this video is to give you some answers to the questions I get asked every week. I will cover most aspects of anxiety and the most common issues people have with it.

A breakdown of the video content is as follows.

What is anxiety?

How does it start?
Nobody is born with anxiety. It is a learned response.
Only 2 fears.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Feeling of impending doom.
Anticipating something bad is going to happen.
Struggling to breathe.
Struggling to swallow.
Heart palpitations.

The most common types of anxiety I work with.

Health anxiety.
General anxiety.
Social anxiety.
Driving anxiety.

Anxiety myths.

Anxiety cannot be fully cured it can only be managed. CBT.
Anxiety is a disease.
The longer you have it the harder it is to get rid of.
Antidepressants are the answer.

Anxiety truths.

Anxiety needs you to keep it going.
Anxiety can be cured.
Anxiety gets worse if you don’t fix it.
You didn’t fail CBT, CBT failed you!

Creating problems with your own thinking

Are you looking for problems?

Thoughts are plans to the mind so be careful what you’re focusing on. Anxiety is the obsession of looking for problems that aren’t there.

That could be:
. Health
. Work
. Relationships

It then becomes a conditioned response. If it isn’t fixed quick it causes devastating effects to the person and the person’s life.

If you can relate to the above give me a call and we can fix it before it gets any worse.

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Disappointed by counselling or CBT?

Not what was expected? People who go for counselling or CBT often expect something that would give them some strategies that would help them to overcome their anxiety. They often wait a long time for an appointment and leave feeling more frustrated. They’re not alone. Approximately 90% of my clients have been through counselling and CBT and found it didn’t help or in some cases made them feel worse. So if you’re disappointed by counselling or CBT you are not alone.

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