Chemical imbalance and depression

What I want to talk about today is depression. Now often when people got the doctors what they’re told is that the reason for depression is because we’ve got a chemical imbalance.

Chemical Imbalance

People are often told they’re chemically imbalanced and what they need to do is re-address that by getting some drugs, some antidepressants that will sort out that chemical imbalance that you’ve got. Now what I found is that in the vast, vast majority of clients I’ve dealt with over the last 25 years, virtually all apart from a handful have ever had any sort of blood test to determine whether or not they’ve actually got a chemical imbalance.
Most of them, the vast, vast majority to them, have actually just been given medication without a blood test. Now, so if you actually think someone’s got a chemical imbalance. Wouldn’t you think to do a blood test to see whether whether or not they did? Can you imagine any of the sort of medical procedure where a doctor thought that you had a problem, and didn’t give you a blood test for it?

Depression doesn’t need a test?

Yet, in mental health. That’s what they do. They are literally given people pills without testing them to find out what the real cause is. How often do doctors actually ask you about your lifestyle, about your diet, about whether you exercise, or anything like that, very very rare that they do, obviously get some of the doctors that would do that for most of the time, all they’re going to do is give you some pills, and tell you that take these pills. Set up pills to give the last person.
Now, let’s have a look at depression. So, okay. So, if you had a chemical imbalance, then nothing I did with my clients would work. How come then, having gone through my anxiety programme, which includes depression. People get better if it was actually a chemical imbalance, anything I did with that client would be completely and utterly futile.

Chemical imbalance or thought imbalance?

Yet isn’t the vast majority of my clients with depression, either get quite a lot less depressed, or they remove depression completely. So it begs the question doesn’t. What really is causing this imbalance. Well, I already know what it is. It is the way that we think. Because if you think about people with depression, they do think a certain way they’ve got certain outlook on life they’ve got a certain way of thinking about things that is different to people who don’t have depression.
The old half empty versus half full glass. So, what really causes depression in the vast majority of cases, and I’m not saying that some people don’t have chemical imbalances that clearly do, but in the vast majority of cases with depression, people are depressed but because of the way they think, with their look at the world, the way they run their brains the way that they’re looking at the future or the past that’s actually what’s determining how they feel.

What causes depression in most cases

Our thoughts create our emotions, what we think about them transpires itself into a feeling, and people who are depressed and tend to have depressive thoughts, and they run those thoughts through a daily basis. And that then, in turn, creates that chemical imbalance that doctors talk about.
But the big question is which one comes first. Is it the chemical imbalance, or is it the way of thinking that causes the imbalance. Well, in my experience in the vast majority of cases it is the way that we think. If you’d like to work one to one with me fill out the form below.
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Can health anxiety make you ill

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, can you make yourself ill by thinking about illnesses? Can you literally think yourself ill? The answer is absolutely yes. Let’s look at one of the most common things that people come and see me about these days, which is health anxiety.

Health anxiety traits

Quite often, a person will think and think so much about illnesses that they will actually make themselves ill. They will actually develop symptoms through the very fact that creating them through their own imagination.

And when you think about negative thoughts. What you’re going to get your body to do is send through some very nasty chemicals that will start to affect you.

Those chemicals, cortisol and adrenaline. If they’re getting pumped in every day for hours and hours every day for absolutely no reason, they will start to manifest themselves as an illness.

What physical symptoms can you get?

You certainly can get bodily illnesses such as acid reflux, problems with your bowels, problems with the way your heart feels, tightness of the chest, you name it. And if you don’t stop that process, you will make yourself ill.

It’s almost like the self fulfilling prophecy where you think you’re going to be ill, and you think you could be, and you’re actually making yourself ill. So you’re out your mind is a very powerful thing. So, what you think about is asking your mind to create.

You’ve got to be careful what you think about. If you’re constantly thinking about your chest all the time, asking yourself “How does my chest feel, does it feel tight”? You’re actually asking your mind, to give you a tight chest. Every time that you think about dying or being ill, you get more and more adrenaline sent into the body that’s gonna make you feel ill.

So the short answer is yes you can make yourself ill, through thinking about it. So, what you do instead. Well, it is a fairly complex treatment to try to reverse on your own but it can be, quite easily reversed with the right guidance.

I see a lot of people with health anxiety, probably about 50% of the clients at the moment with health anxiety. Some can develop mysterious lumps that seem to develop some of them can’t swallow.

Some of them get feelings in the body and they’re convinced it’s cancer or a heart attack or something else. Some get tingling in hands and feet, and, and all of it it’s just because they’re focusing on it. They’re actually thinking that you’ve got it and they’re asking their mind to create some sort of a sensation.

It is something that you need to get a handle on, because you can make yourself ill through that physically through that process. So if you need any help, get in touch below and we’ll have a little chat. Alternatively go straight to the services page to read more on how my anxiety program works.

Stop negative thoughts

Negative thoughts create self fulfilling prophecies. That was a Facebook post I posted recently but what does it really mean? It means that what you think about negatively, is actually creating it in the future. So you definitely need to stop negative thoughts from becoming a part of your thinking.

Why you need to stop thinking so negatively

So, by the very fact that you’re thinking about what you don’t want, you’re actually asking your mind to create it. Whether it be an argument, whether it be a problem at work, whether it be a problem at home, whatever it is.

What you think about is going to manifest it or a version of it. So it could be something as simple as thinking  I’ve got a train journey and I really don’t want to feel anxious on that train. And then what you do is you start imagining how you would feel, and the events that could happen.

How anxiety starts

Let’s imagine you’ve got that train journey weekend ahead. And what you’re thinking about is, every day, being anxious on that train. What you’re actually doing is rehearsing, to be anxious. And there’s a very high probability that when you get there that that will be the case, then you start thinking the trains the problem!

The train isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that without realising it, you’ve been rehearsing anxiety. You’ve been rehearsing having panic attacks or whatever it is that you do. So your negative thoughts then become that self fulfilling prophecy.

The solution to negative thoughts

So, we have to be very careful what we think about, because without realising it people are rehearsing their next problem. You must stop negative thoughts before they get a grip. And it seems so innocent, doesn’t it. Think about what you don’t want because you think surely, by thinking about what I don’t want, I’m going to prevent it, or at very least, I’ll be better prepared for it.

So what you need to do instead is think about what outcome, do I want on that train, on that job interview, in that personal thing that is going on in your life. What is the outcome that I do want, and actually start mentally rehearsing, that outcome instead.

Hope that makes sense why you must stop negative thoughts. If you want more personal assistance with this you can book in a chat with me below.

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