How to deal with rude people

A constant thing that people get annoyed with is when people are “rude” to them. The biggest reason it affects us so badly is because we take it so personally. Like it’s an attack on us. But here’s another way of thinking about it.

Why is someone being this rude?

IT IS A REFLECTION OF THEIR OWN LIFE. The truth is you just don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life that’s making them behave that way. Do you think someone who is living a happy life goes around being rude to people?

Why didn’t the woman say thanks when you held the door open for her? Why didn’t the man acknowledge that you let him out of the junction? Why was the person who served you abrupt with you? Why was your boss snappy?

For all you know that person might have been dealing with the death of a pet, found out their partner was cheating on them, or dealing with a health issue that can’t be resolved. There are a million reasons why people act the way they do.

So next time you walk into somewhere after having a good day understand that if someone isn’t as polite as you’d like try and imagine why. Don’t take it as a personal attack, see it from a different perspective. Be polite because you want to be, not because you expect it back.

You just don’t know why that person was short with you so don’t jump to conclusions. It isn’t about you it’s about them. Maybe they had a rough childhood, maybe they suffer with anxiety and depression. There’s so many reasons.

When you don’t set up the need for politeness to be reciprocated you live a far more peaceful life. If they are polite that’s great if they aren’t then that’s just the way it is. On a better day for them they will probably be a lot friendlier.

Have a great day