What is stress?

People come to me wanting me to take away their feelings of stress and anxiety in the hope they can return to their normal ways. What they don’t understand is that their normal ways is what caused the stress in the first place. Often the first thing they ask me is what is stress?

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Focus on what you want

It sounds so obvious yet so many people don’t get it. What you focus your mind on you will see more of. People are focusing on what they don’t like all the time and then they wonder why they aren’t happy.
Is it too difficult to understand? You have to change what you’re focusing on if you’re not happy. Most people have no genuine reason to be unhappy, so if it’s that’s how they feel it’s because what they are focusing on.People often tell me they have lost their ability to be happy yet they used to be. That means they have shifted their focus to what they don’t like.Focus on what you want and like in life and you’ll see more of it. It’s not rocket science.

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How to have more self confidence!

Lack of self confidence often occurs because you look at what you’re NOT good at rather than what you are good at. You need to turn that thought process around.

The key to more self confidence

Think about this. You do so many good things every week but you never congratulate yourself on those things. You just take them for granted. Instead you focus on what you could have done better and criticise yourself about it.

You focus on your weakest areas and make them the focal point of your life. When you do this you become stuck in the loop of self doubt.

Here’s the truth

Just because you did something before and weren’t that good at it doesn’t mean you can’t do that thing in the future. That’s down to lack of experience rather than not being able to do it.

Nobody is the finished article when we are younger. You’re not even the finished article now!

If you want more self confidence you need to pat yourself on the back for all the things you do well. Focus on your strengths and what you’re good at.

Accept a bit of self praise and that will help you build up the areas that need more work.

It’s all about what you focus on!

Best wishes