How to stop panic attacks

So you’re feeling anxious what can you do?

Tips for stopping Panic Attacks

*Have you eaten today? If not eat something sugary. One of the symptoms of lack of food is feeling spaced out. When your sugar levels drop it gives you the same feeling like your about to have a panic attack. Ask yourself when did I last eat? Grab some skittles.*Are you hung over? Hydrate yourself. Alcohol can cause anxiety symptoms the next day. Remember alcohol is a poison. You have literally poisoned yourself so it’s going to have a negative effect on your body. Accept that you have poisoned yourself and ride it out.

*You’re struggling to breathe. Don’t worry you can’t die. Take 3 deep breaths and release them to the count of 5. This will oxygenate your body and clear your mind.

*Are you tired? Make sure you rest or even better get some sleep. Are you over doing things? Are you taking too much on at the moment? If so throttle back as anxiety is a sign that your body needs rest.

*Are you stressed. Listen to a relaxation recording. We become stressed when we think of all the things we have to do at the same time. Instead of having everything floating around in your head write a list of what you need to do. Go through the list one by one in order of priority.

*Are you worried about something? If you can change it change it if not there’s nothing you can do about it. 99% of the things we worry about never turn out as bad as we think so reign in your imagination. Instead think about the solution not the problem.

*Are you scared? Ask yourself: Is there anything to fear? Is your life in danger? Probably not. It’s your good old imagination again playing tricks again. Your imagination is not real, it is not a prediction of the future. It’s made up story of something that won’t happen. Think about the outcome you want instead.

Why do we have panic attacks?

Ask yourself is the anything to be anxious about? Yes or no. Is anxiety the correct response? Is it a life or death situation? If not it is purely your imagination.

Please share this as someone you know is anxious right now and needs this information. As a hypnotherapist in Middlesbrough I work with people with anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Our hypnotherapy service services people in Stockton On Tees, Hartlepool, Yarm, and the whole of the North East. If distance is an issue I also see people via skype. Check out my online therapy page here.

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