CBT versus hypnotherapy

CBT and how I work. How do they differ?

So I’ve received some messages asking about the difference between CBT and my therapy style so I thought it would be easier if I just post to everyone. CBT is a methodology that focuses on the “why” and “when” do you feel a certain way.

It is scripted therapy whereby in many cases the therapist is following a script. In some cases the therapist will actually read from a script. Depending on the therapist most CBT therapy consists of 12-16 sessions though many of my clients have had over 50 sessions of CBT before they come to me.

CBT focuses on analysing your past and finding out the reasons for your current behaviour. This can be distressing for the client as many clients would rather not revisit some of the worst times of their lives.

Most clients have analysed themselves beforehand and have a pretty good idea why they feel they way they do and are looking for a solution. CBT often includes homework whereby you are required to write down your feelings at different times of your day.

My therapy has a different philosophy, the reasons for the clients issue or problem will be explained to the client within 30 minutes in a way that the client will fully understand.

Every client is unique so there is no script; I treat every client individually. No 2 people are alike so every client has a unique experience. We discuss what outcome the client wants and we get to work on the solution in the first session.

As we don’t need to analyse the past we can get to work straight away using the many different techniques I’ve learned in over 22 years working as a hypnotherapist. My anxiety treatment can be as short as 1 session for simple phobias or 6 sessions for more complex issues.

My job isn’t to string things out. It’s to get people in a good place as quickly as possible. We do this by changing the old mental program that wasn’t working for them and replacing it with the updated version they prefer to have. This where hypnotherapy is very effective.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the above.

Warm regards