Why trusting your doctor could be very bad for you!

So you’re feeling depressed or anxious and you talk to your GP. GP stands for General Practitioner which means they have a generalised knowledge about health. They are not specialists about mental health. They know a little bit about a lot of things.

Yet when you tell them you’re depressed they normally prescribe you pills. No blood test to check your hormones or vitamin levels. Just pills after a 5 minute conversation.

Can you imagine them doing that for any other medical condition?

Say for instance diabetes. No. But for the mind it’s ok. So they give you the same pills they prescribed for the last person who felt the same. Hopefully that will do the trick. No it won’t because it hasn’t solved the real problem. It’s masking it.

Once you’ve been on meds for a couple of months you’re now getting hooked on them. Did your doctor mention that? No. They must have forgot. If you try to come off it can be hell, and if you manage it you’re back in the land of the living and the old thoughts creep back.

OK I sound like I’m giving doctors a hard time here. The truth is it’s not their fault. They only have 5 mins per patient and they’re stretched to capacity and they are doing their best. They have to do something!

My advice is instead of seeing your doctor is speak to someone who SPECIALISES in what you’re going through. Someone with a good reputation who can provide proof of successful outcomes for their clients. Whoever you decide to see do your homework don’t rely on your GP.

Warm regards