The beginners guide to becoming an anxious person

OurĀ  guide for beginners to becoming an anxious person. 😬

Below are the character traits of people who suffer with anxiety.

1. Be a perfectionist and never be satisfied!
2. Set a ridiculously high standard for yourself that cannot be sustained.
3. Never say no to anyone. Be a people pleaser.
4. Put your own needs last.
5. Be very self critical.
6. Worry what people think about you. Imagine they don’t like you.
7. Think you have to look after everyone.
8. Do other people’s work for them.
9. Allow yourself to be manipulated.
10. Think you are responsible for keeping the world together.

Do you recognise any of the above in you? If so congratulations you are well on the way to becoming anxious if of course you are not already there!🤪

We can stop it! 🚫