The benefits of anxiety

The Benefits of Anxiety

Hi, Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? 

Anxious about losing anxiety!

Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? Anxiety benefits what can they be? Let me give you an example, quite often when people will send me messages and say yes, I’ve got terrible anxiety and when I offer them the solution to that and say, yes, we can help you with that.

We can make you feel more confident. We can make you feel more relaxed. We can make you feel so much better inside that person suddenly thinks. 

Anxiety and your identity

I’ve never known that person! What will I be like as a person with that and suddenly they start fearing the idea of losing their anxiety because they have got an identity as an anxious person.

At some level they are getting benefits from having anxiety, and some of those benefits could be, is that they’re able to use it as an excuse not to do things. They can use excuse to get out of things, you can get attention from it.

You can control situations and you may be allowed not to go to work because of it. There are so many different things. So quite often when people ring me up and I start talking about life without anxiety they start thinking wait a minute. Do I really want to get rid of it,  because sometimes anxiety can be  quite a cushy little number.

Your doubts about who you are?

If I have got to get rid of anxiety and live as a regular person am I able to do it? Who will I be? I don’t know myself as that person and suddenly the idea of losing anxiety becomes actually scarier than the idea of keeping it.

So quite often when people call and ask can I help them and I say yes, I can help, I’ll never hear back from them because they have  decided that there’s more benefits in keeping anxiety. 

That’s not in every case obviously because I do work with a lot of people with anxiety, but I often get people back out when they think about it. They suddenly realise that there’s more to lose than to gain and they’re choosing to be anxious for the benefits.

So I hope that helps you a little bit more idea and insight into the  psychology of the mind. It’s a fascinating thing at times working with people that anxiety 

You think it’d be really quite clear cut with anxiety. They don’t want it. It’s not always the case. So I hope that makes sense. I’ll see you again soon for another video.

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