The difference between psychological problems

The difference between psychological problems and real problems in a nutshell!

When you have a problem at work let’s say for instance; if you focus your attention on it you will eventually find a solution to it. The reason is that it’s real and tangible everyone can see it. There’s a genuine reason for it. A few people can discuss it and find the solution to it if need be.

When you focus your attention on psychological problems though; because they are merely ideas made up by thoughts, the more you focus on them the BIGGER they get.They don’t get solved by focusing on them like you would with non-psychological problems, because you’re focusing on something that isn’t real. It is only real to that person. The so called problem is not real, it is merely made up out of a person’s imagination.

You do not solve psychological problems by focusing on the problem itself.

The reason why is the problem itself is not tangible, it is only experienced by the person who is experiencing it. Which is why when people explain what their issue is to their friends they get a blank look from them as they can’t see it or even understand it.The way forward then is to focus not on the problem itself but on the solution. When I work with clients I don’t focus on the problem I focus on the solution. That’s why talk therapy is so ineffective. It gets you to discuss the problem every week and offers little in way of a solution.

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