Tough times

You might be going through a hard time right now but throughout history we’ve gone through hard times. They come and go. When you look at every pivotal time in your life where you changed direction there was a hardship before it.

The hardship is necessary to catapult you to the next phase of your life’s journey. Without these times we would merely exist. Life is an experience of many emotions. It is not meant to be merely coasted through.

Understand the hardship is here to take you onto the next stage of your life experience. This could be a divorce you’re going through, a redundancy, a bereavement or a personal challenge. This needs to happen. You need this.

Something else is on your horizon and when you get through this you will be a different person because of the experience. Rather than wish it wasn’t happening, understand that it’s the way it has to be for the change to occur.

Always know that something better is there at the end of it. At the end of every painful experience something good came from it.

Have a great day.

Steve ❤️