How to use our FOCUS to remove anxiety.

How to use our FOCUS to remove anxiety.

Always remember that it’s what we FOCUS on that determines how we feel. If we focus on what we don’t like in our life and what we don’t want to happen, not only are we going to feel depressed we are actually attracting more of it into our life.

Instead, we can begin to condition our minds to focus on WHAT WE WANT in our life and what we WOULD LIKE TO OCCUR in our life and these things will start to show up. I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s what we’re doing now anyway. All we are doing here is reversing the process.

We must train our mind to do this using repetition. Bad thoughts are habitual and we must start to visualise the positive outcomes we want for ourselves every day and make these thoughts the new habit so they replace the old ones. This takes around 3 weeks to do. Don’t just think about it, LET’S DO IT!

If you want any help with this I’m always happy to help. Send me a message on here.

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