What is anxiety telling us?

You’d be surprised at how many outwardly confident people didn’t always start off that way. Take Tom Hardy for instance. For most of his adolescance he battled with anxiety and inner demons. He got the right help and the rest is history.

Here’s some advice on how to beat anxiety right now.

As a former anxiety sufferer myself for many years, I understand how it feels to have fear and worry, panic and low self-esteem.

It’s important to understand the following.

Anxiety is trying to protect us from something we’ve told it to be frightened of. It’s really a protection attack, we’ve told it that danger is on the way and it is preparing our body for it.

We need to see it for what it actually is not how it feels to us. Is there real actual danger here or is it just perceived danger? Most likely the situation isn’t dangerous at all and it’s the way we are thinking about things that makes us anxious.

So we ask ourselves “where is the danger”? Then we assure ourselves that we’ve survived a panic attack before and we can again.

You’d be amazed how easily you can remove anxiety from your life when you get the right help. Having worked with countless people over the last 22 years, I love seeing the change in people in just a few weeks with my therapy. Anxiety can be beaten.

Please feel free to message me on here with any questions you might have. I’m always happy to offer any free advice. You can also visit my website for more information at www.anxietybreakthrough.co.uk

Change is easier than you think.