What is stress?

People come to me wanting me to take away their feelings of stress and anxiety in the hope they can return to their normal ways. What they don’t understand is that their normal ways is what caused the stress in the first place. Often the first thing they ask me is what is stress?

Stress is the way you feel and react to what’s going on with your life.

What causes stress?

In a nutshell its our thinking. How we perceive what’s going on with our lives. How we think and what we think about determines how we feel.

So if I take away their bad feelings how long will it take for their anxiety to return if they don’t change the way they are living and thinking? Normally when the therapy stops.

So if you have a way of thinking or living that is causing you stress and anxiety, we don’t have to just look at the symptoms but more importantly we have to look at the cause.

The symptoms you are experiencing are trying to tell you something and by trying to get rid of those feelings with drugs is never going to solve the problem.

The solution to stress

You have to look at your life and honestly ask yourself. Is the way I’m living in line with producing a happy life? Will it yield happiness? Is it working for me? Is my life balanced? I bet its not.

So unless you live a balanced life you will become out of sync. I see people who work all the hours god sends because they value money more than they value their health. Some of them actually want me to remove their stress so they can work more!! As if that would be ethical.

They won’t turn down work because from an early age someone who also lived a miserable life put it in their mind that you have to flog yourself to death every day to make as much money as you can. That money just ends up paying for the solicitors they have to hire for their expensive divorce.

The stress message

Stress and Anxiety are the message from the brain that it isn’t happy with what’s going on. The crazy thoughts that go with that should be obvious that something isn’t working.

Pay attention to your symptoms and don’t try and just make them go away. Value what they are trying to tell you.

So now when someones asks you what is stress, you can tell them.

Hope this helps.