What stops you from doing something about your issues?

You are worth the investment!

Looking through my messages on Facebook I counted 189 messages where people contacted me asking for help, and when I replied there was no answer. I often wonder what became of them. Did they get better by themselves or did they just decide to live with anxiety?

If you were one of the ones who messaged me I’d love to know what became of you. Why did you message me and then not reply when I replied? Was it fear? Did the price put you off? I’m curious to know. I find people who lack confidence put a low price on their own mental health. They put others before themselves. They don’t value themselves. They often don’t think they are worth the investment.

You are always worth the investment. Your life is as important as anyone’s. This can be hard to accept at first but in time with the right guidance you can begin to love yourself and appreciate your uniqueness.

Let me know.

Warm regards