When will anxiety go away?

Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. And what I want to talk to you about today is something I get asked all the time, which is, when will my anxiety symptoms go away? Well unfortunately, unless you actually do something about anxiety, it isn’t just going to go away magically by itself.

Anxiety facts

The way to think about anxiety is a little bit like a smoking. Anxiety is a habit like smoking. It is the repetition of thinking that creates the habit that we call it anxiety, and the symptom anxiety is that horrible feeling inside of you.

So like smoking, the more you smoke, the more you reinforce it, the more you make that habit more of a part of your daily life. So anxiety is very much like that. In order to change that habit. You have to know how to change it you have to have a plan B. 

You’ve also asked yourself, how will it just go away by itself? Does that even sound realistic? So in order to get rid of anxiety, you have to do some psychological reprogramming of your mind, to get rid of that habit that is just there at the moment. So there’s obviously lots of different ways you can do that.

There’s lots of different self help methods you can use for that. You can contact someone like myself, for a personal one to one. With that you can actually try my Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program, and that is really good for helping to remove anxiety.  Please be aware though you simply will not just wake up one morning and your anxiety will be gone all by itself.

And the reason why is because every day without realising it, you’re practising and rehearsing your next anxiety problem in your mind. You do this with your own very thoughts you are rehearsing your next upcoming difficulty. Now if you do that every day, a few hours a day,  you are literally reinforcing that every day.

The brutal truth

So the idea that one day you’ll wake up and that will stop. It isn’t really realistic. What you’ve got to do is get some proper psychological help, and they will show you how to remove anxiety. It is quite a complex thing. So if you’re looking for help, definitely go and see someone who is really well qualified.

Someone has got really good reviews. So that’s been doing it for quite a long time, it is not something that you want to go see someone who’s just a lay person, someone who’s just done a little bit of training or bought an online course. It needs to be professionally, looked at. So I hope that helps.

I hope that you understand that anxiety itself will not just go away one morning when you wake up isn’t as much as wishful thinking is very nice. You’ve got to be able to change that programming your mind.

Best wishes


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