Why is this still happening??

I was watching Nik and Eva Speakman on this morning the other day. They helped an army veteran who hadn’t slept for 7 years overcome PTSD. They did it in 1 session. Having met and trained with them I can testify that they do walk the talk. I’ve witnessed them changing life long phobias in minutes.

The question is, if they can help people get over lifelong issues in minutes why do people still get trained to do therapy the old way? The NHS are using models that are 50+ years out of date. Yet people are still getting “put through the wringer” when they see a psychiatrist or similar.

The question is why aren’t the NHS taking notice of what’s going in the world of modern psychology? Why are patients still getting prescribed drugs for conditions that can be cured in minutes with the right technique? At least now with the Internet people can do their own research to what’s out there.
My advice to you looking for help is to do some research. You’ll find there’s a lot of better alternatives to the NHS route. Yes, it will mean you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket but what price is your happiness? Would you rather be a few hundred quid richer but live an unhappy life? Surely not!


Warm regards


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