Chemical imbalance and depression

What I want to talk about today is depression. Often when people go to the doctors what they’re told is the reason they feel depressed is because they’ve got a chemical imbalance. Let's see if it is true in every case


Steve Norton

10/17/20232 min read

chemical imbalance
chemical imbalance

Chemical Imbalance

People are often told they’re chemically imbalanced and what they need to do is re-address that by getting some drugs, some antidepressants that will sort out that chemical imbalance that you’ve got. Now what I found is that in the vast, vast majority of clients I’ve dealt with over the last 25 years, virtually all apart from a handful have ever had any sort of blood test to determine whether or not they’ve actually got a chemical imbalance.

Most of them, the vast, vast majority to them, have actually just been given medication without a blood test. Now, so if you actually think someone’s got a chemical imbalance. Wouldn’t you think to do a blood test to see whether whether or not they did? Can you imagine any of the sort of medical procedure where a doctor thought that you had a problem, and didn’t give you a blood test for it?

Depression doesn’t need a test?

Yet, in mental health. That’s what they do. They are literally given people pills without testing them to find out what the real cause is. How often do doctors actually ask you about your lifestyle, about your diet, about whether you exercise, or anything like that, very very rare that they do, obviously get some of the doctors that would do that for most of the time, all they’re going to do is give you some pills, and tell you that take these pills. Set up pills to give the last person.

Now, let’s have a look at depression. So, okay. So, if you had a chemical imbalance, then nothing I did with my clients would work. How come then, having gone through my anxiety programme, which includes depression. People get better if it was actually a chemical imbalance, anything I did with that client would be completely and utterly futile.

Chemical imbalance or thought imbalance?

Yet isn’t the vast majority of my clients with depression, either get quite a lot less depressed, or they remove depression completely. So it begs the question doesn’t. What really is causing this imbalance. Well, I already know what it is. It is the way that we think. Because if you think about people with depression, they do think a certain way they’ve got certain outlook on life they’ve got a certain way of thinking about things that is different to people who don’t have depression.

The old half empty versus half full glass. So, what really causes depression in the vast majority of cases, and I’m not saying that some people don’t have chemical imbalances that clearly do, but in the vast majority of cases with depression, people are depressed but because of the way they think, with their look at the world, the way they run their brains the way that they’re looking at the future or the past that’s actually what’s determining how they feel.

What causes depression in most cases

Our thoughts create our emotions, what we think about them transpires itself into a feeling, and people who are depressed and tend to have depressive thoughts, and they run those thoughts through a daily basis. And that then, in turn, creates that chemical imbalance that doctors talk about.

But the big question is which one comes first. Is it the chemical imbalance, or is it the way of thinking that causes the imbalance. Well, in my experience in the vast majority of cases it is the way that we think. If you’d like to work one to one with me fill out the form HERE.