Help for anxiety without the wait.

If you're on a waiting list for therapy or thinking about it but you need help now, my 121 mental health boot camp could be what you're looking for.

A different approach to solving anxiety

If you've tried the usual route of talk therapy and medication and you're still no better you're not alone. It can leave you feeling that you're beyond help.

It's not that people are beyond help, I believe they've been given the wrong treatment strategy.

Unlike traditional talk therapy that's slow and has a poor success rate my therapy is different. As a former an sufferer for 15 years of my life I understand the condition inside out.

My therapy is different. It isn't about coping techniques, breathing exercises or short term fixes.
My therapy treats the cause of anxiety not just the symptoms.

Experience counts

I'm not new to the game. I've been registered with the NCH for over 25 years. I've helped thousands of people remove the anxiety and depression that was ruining their life with my breakthrough therapy.

3 week average waiting time
So if you want to solve this sooner than later you can book a consultation with me via the link below and start the process of getting you back in control.

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