Staff Mental Health Solutions

Why are companies adding Mental Health benefits for their employees?

Many companies have figured out that adding mental health benefits far outweighs the cost.

Employers have since figured out that investing in mental health and wellness for their employees can reduce overall costs and improve workplace morale.

Workers want better mental health benefits, too, with 57% of employees desiring support for stress, burnout, and other mental health issues.

Work based stress

Every day 1 million people globally are off work with stress, anxiety or depression at the cost of $1 Trillion.

79% of adult workers report suffering from stress.

67% of work absences are due to stress, anxiety or depression and the figures are rising sharply.

Why is it happening?

Since 2020 mental health related staff absence has gone through the roof. Anxiety due to the pandemic has left many people in a state of fear and depression. Many people who were fine before the pandemic are now finding themselves anxious returning to the work environment after working from home.

Show your staff you take their mental health seriously by offering them the opportunity to use my program if they are struggling with any mental health issues. The program is all online and downloadable meaning that staff can do it at a time and place that's convenient for them. They will learn via audio how to remove stress and anxiety and take back control of their lives.

I offer licenses to businesses whereby they can buy bulk for their staff at a reduced price. From 5 licences to unlimited. For more information please get in touch at

Steve is available for motivational talks and seminars. Since the early 2000's Steve has conducted seminars and talks to small groups of 10 to hundreds. Unlike the usual think positive style motivational talks we often see, Steve isn't here to pump you up and then you forget it a day later.

Steve educates and teaches in a way that resonates with people. He speaks their language and takes the complexity out of mental health all in an entertaining way.

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There are times when staff members need time off work due to stress, anxiety and depression. This can be time consuming and expensive. With Steve's one to one mental health boot camp he aims to get stricken staff members issue free and back to work within 5 weeks. 90% of my corporate clients return to work by the end of the 4th session with Steve.

How Steve can help

I offer a flexible range of solutions for companies wanting to give their staff the best mental health training and care.

In House Staff Well Being Training

1-2-1 Staff personal therapy and return to work program

Rapid Anxiety Elimination program staff incentive.

The simple answer is experience. The internet is full of people who over promise and under deliver. I'm sure you've experienced that. People are literally buying certificates and setting themselves up with job titles without any clinical experience claiming to be the next big thing.

What you get with me is experience. Over 25 years working with people's minds to get them out of anxiety, low self confidence, and anything else that is spoiling there lives. I'm tried and tested. I'm an expert who's worked with over 3500 people personally.

80% of clients who join my 1-2-1 mental health bootcamp return back to work within 4 weeks. Compare that to CBT or counselling that work on 5-6% success rate over 16 weeks. With 25 years clinical experience I use a modern flexible approach that people can relate to that gets to the heart of the issue right away.

My online Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program (without 1-2-1 help) reports that 90% of people saw a significant reduction in anxiety and an improvement in overall wellbeing. It’s all about results!

Why choose Steve?

Our mission

To make good mental health a priority in the workplace. To cut back on staff mental health absences and create a better environment so that staff can operate at their best.

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Our vision

To teach your staff how to identify the triggers and new ways of thinking we can avoid staff burnout and shortages. To teach your staff how to run their minds more productively to get better results in all areas of their lives.

Here are some of the companies Steve as worked with in the past