How to use this Deep Sleep program

You’ve taken a very wise step in deciding to take charge of your life and health. The information contained in the following recordings when applied can change your life. It is very important for your success to follow the program as directed as every stage is in the correct order for your maximum benefit.

You’ve probably worked out by now that when your mind and thinking are not relaxed, and you are over thinking you are most likely to have poor sleep. This program (when followed and applied) will take you from where you are now to a better place mentally.

When you are happy in your mind and thinking, your responses such as anxiety and fear do not develop as you are now using the resources of your subconscious mind to deal with life's trials and tribulations.

So what’s the solution? You need to learn how to master your mind and emotions.

This program is designed to help you do just that. Take note you are not a test case, I have been treating people for poor sleeping since 1996. I’ve helped a lot of people in that time. This program is about learning to manage your mind, emotions and thoughts so they create a better emotional state. When you’re in a good mental state you sleep better.

Poor sleep can be a symptom of negative thinking so this program does not only treat the symptoms but more importantly the cause, which is your thinking.

So how does my Hypnotic Insomnia Program work? It works first and foremost by teaching you a way to manage your mind and emotions through learning how to control your thoughts. Your thoughts control the way you feel so before we can change our anxiety responses we must first learn how to control our thinking!

Step 1. The first step is to watch the my 5 steps to better Mp4 below. In this Mp4 Steve teaches in easy to understand terms a 5 step plan to break the insomnia habit.

Step 2. Next is Steve's Stop Insomnia Hypnotic MP3. This powerhouse hypnotic MP3 contains the most psychologically effective suggestions to make the new patterns of thinking a regular part of your thinking and living. Listen to this MP3 every night for a 30 days with your eyes closed. As with all hypnotic Mp3’s find a quiet place to relax, a chair or a bed is best. After 30 days you can listen as and when you want to.


Step 3. For more relaxation you can also listen to Steve's Deep relaxation Hypnotic Mp3. This incredible MP3 uses hypnotic suggestion to call on the subconscious mind to allow the person listening to relax over time so that it becomes programmed into your psyche. A truly relaxing experience.


Step 4. It's time to start reading How to get the best night's sleep you've ever had! PDF ebook. Take your time to read and implement at a time. Do not simply read parts of the book you think might be relevant to you. It is important that you read it from start to finish as the book is a program and is meant to be read a certain way.


Step 5. How to stop negative thinking! This full sized ebook has helped countless people retrain their thinking. Please read this book a chapter at a time for the best results. This book contains strategies not only to help you sleep better but to remove anxiety and build self confidence.


Best wishes

Steve Norton