"Have you ever dreamed about resetting your mind so that all the bad stuff from the past can be removed? Like taking your mind in for a service where everything goes back to the factory default but you keep all the good stuff? Now you can"!

Steve Norton

Detox your mind

Sounds impossible.... it isn’t!

I’m excited to tell you all about a procedure that combines 2 powerful techniques that allows a person release past pain / traumas and memories so that you no longer feel the emotional pain.

What is does is, basically reset your mind so that all the junk and bad stuff that you’ve built up over the years is released so you can basically start afresh. The best bit is it’s also content free so you don’t have to discuss any past traumas for it to work. There’s no need to rake up anything nasty from the past to do it.

What method does Steve use to achieve this?

Some of the processes I use are Eye movement therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, and my own Thought Retraining. As every mind and person is different not everyone will get the same process. It is tailored to the individual rather than everyone getting the same thing. So I use whatever I think is right for the person.

Does it erase your mind?

No which is a good thing! What it does, is release the negative emotions associated with the past. It just releases the negative emotions or character traits from the past. It basically clears all that mind clutter that has been hanging around for years*

Will I still remember the bad things from my past?

People report that the bad past memories lose the painful feelings associated with those memories. You may be able to remember the memory but the old feelings associated will have diminished dramatically or be completely removed. When the pain is removed you are unlikely to feel the need to revisit past painful memories.*

Can it change character traits you wish you didn’t have?

I can make no promises about this. Many clients have reported that it has. Obviously every client experiences different results. Don’t be surprised if certain unwanted behaviours or traits change without you knowing why or how!

How long does it take to do it?

The full session lasts approximately an hour but please allow up to 90 minutes.

Is it safe?

Yes perfectly safe. I have been doing Mental Health Detox’s for over 25 years with only positive results.

Who shouldn’t book this?

If you have been diagnosed with the following you should not order the Detox.

Schizophrenia, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, suicidal, or taking more than a small amount of antidepressants.

How much does it cost?

The mental health detox costs £120

*Results vary from person to person. I make no guarantees regarding results. Everyone is different and will experience different things during and after the procedure. As everyone has a unique personal history peoples experiences of the Detox will be totally different every time. For deep rooted complex issues more sessions will almost definitely be needed so a therapy package such as the 1-2-1 Mental Health Bootcamp would be advised instead.

1-2-1 Mental Detox FAQ