Need help right now?

If you feel you need to speak to someone quickly and you don't want to be put on a waiting list you can book a one off session with Steve via the form below.

Steve can offer a one off session which includes a detailed consultation and assessment (30mins) followed by a therapeutic session which could involve hypnotherapy or other techniques (60 mins).

This session can be face to face or via zoom. Please note that Steve's office is in Middlesbrough in the North East of England.

Please DON'T book if you have any of the following.

  • You or your child are under 16 years of age.

  • You have been diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia, personality disorder or are currently under a mental health team.

  • You are booking for another adult. You can't book for people they have to book themselves.

  • You are suicidal. Please contact your local crisis team.

Terms and conditions

No refunds are given if you book an appointment and no longer want it or don't attend the appointment.

Any cancellations or reschedules must give 24 hours notice at least or you will lose the appointment and no refunds will be given. Steve cannot fill a slot with less than 24 hours notice.

No more than 1 reschedule is allowed.

A one off session can be very helpful but in most cases people it will require further sessions.

Steve does not tolerate any form of abuse. He has the right to terminate the session if this is ignored.

If you agree to the above you can proceed.