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Our Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy service is serving Middlesbrough and the whole of the North East of England

Since the beginning of mankind our minds have been constantly evolving, so much that nowadays people are struggling to cope with the pace of change. I, Steve Norton, can help you understand your your mind and give you a simpler way to run it. I have been treating people since 1995 as a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist living in Middlesbrough. Since then I have devised my own personal style of pro-active therapy, incorporating my own methods and techniques which do not involve raking up the past. This allows me to approach each client as an individual, dynamically changing my approach to best suit their needs and requirements.

I specialise in treating people with:

My services are available to individuals and I aim to give you the highest level of attention and care to motivate you to achieve your goals. I am currently practicing hypnotherapy in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas such as Stockton on Tees and the whole of Teesside. However I have clients all over the North East and through Skype I now work with people all over the world .

This alongside the hundreds of clients that I have successfully treated with hypnotherapy and hypnosis in the Middlesbrough area has created an excellent reputation that has spread across the North East and the whole of the UK.

Within the past 20 years I have gained a great deal of experience in dealing with phobias, depression, stress management and addiction. I am in fact an anxiety specialist. So if you wish me to contact me for a FREE strategy session you can do so.

Check out the Mind Coach FAQ and Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis FAQ for detailed information about how my Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy works.

If you’d like to book a One To One consultation with Steve please call: 01642 766405 or 07825018878

Please note that spaces are limited so an appointment is not guaranteed. Curious about hypnosis? Check out my new blog for hypnosis related material.

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