Do you have long term pain that has been treated for years?

Old Pain messages can now be dramatically reduced or removed, rather than just managed.

If you have been diagnosed by a Medical Professional and prescribed or advised to take pain relief medication you could be a good candidate for OldPain2Go.

It is hard at first to think that anything but conventional medicine can help with pain but think about this: What did people use before modern pain relief medicine? They still had pain but there was no such thing as tramadol  so what did they use? Herbs yes, but many cultures relied on people who had the gift to speak to a persons subconscious mind.

How OldPain2Go works

That’s what OldPain2Go does. It’s a negotiation with your own mind to release the old pain that’s hanging around unnecessarily.

Pain is a complex calculation made in the brain to send an appropriate message to the area that needs attention. A Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner can help you to challenge if that calculation is still appropriate and this typically results in lower pain levels or total removal of that Old Pain Message. OldPain2Go is based on the latest in scientific knowledge and the body’s natural ability to self-heal, it provides a safe and effective way to a better life.

OldPain2Go FAQ

Do we cure peoples symptoms?

We are not legally allowed to use the terms cure or treatment. We do have to be very careful how we describe the benefits. Let’s just say that we assist people in making changes so that their physical symptoms can in a lot of cases lessen or disappear.

Does it involve using hypnosis?

Not per se but the process does involve conversing with the clients subconscious mind.

What is “brain bargaining”

This is the process of negotiation that the client has with their subconscious mind. The brain bargaining is where the client can reach some sensible common ground so their mind will turn off the old pain message. For example if the client agrees to reduce the amount of physical work they do or something similar their subconscious mind should agree to reduce or remove the old pain message. That’s the bargaining part. The client must stick to the bargain.

Does it work for new pain?

No as the name suggests it is only used to assist with old pain. Pain that despite medical interventions still persists. New pain signals are valuable as the pain message without it would lead to more harm. New pain signals should not be turned off they are telling you that you need to heal.

Are the results permanent?

OldPain2Go has been going a little while now and clients are reporting for the most part that the old pain does not reoccur as long as they adhered to the aftercare advice. This does not mean that they won’t feel any future pain as that would not be old pain but a new medical condition.

Do you guarantee it will work?

Does your doctor guarantee results? No. As we are communicating with the person’s subconscious mind we cannot guarantee that it will work with us. We can only do our best.

How many sessions does it take?

In most cases it involves only 1 session. Sometimes a follow up session is required.

How much does it cost?

The fee is £120. There is no charge for a follow up session if required.

Please check out the Understanding Pain page for more info.

Please read through the Terms and Conditions BEFORE you book.