Steve Norton's

Ultimate Self Confidence Program

Who is this for?

People who struggle in social situations.

People who need more self belief.

People who feel self conscious around others.

People who feel anxious at the thought of speaking up / presentations etc.

Cinema Confidence Boosting Hypnotic Mp3

This powerful hypnosis recording will start to program your subconscious mind for success rather than failure.

This mental rehearsal technique has been used by myself to help my personal clients for over 25 years with great success.

By rehearsing success you can program your mind and over time, feeling confident can be the normal way you feel.

How to have more self confidence in social situations Mp3

This live recording has helped so many people remove their social anxiety as they practice the simple philosophies contained in the recording.

The key to having more self confidence in social situation is practicing the information on this recording.

How to be more confident
How to be more confident
Social anxiety
Social anxiety
Hypnotherapy for confidence
Hypnotherapy for confidence

Ultimate Confidence Creator Mp3

This eye closing relaxation technique is very powerful for removing past negative feelings and replacing them with more self confidence.

This recording is an exact replica of what I would go through with a client face to face.

By removing past negative feelings we are able to move into greater self confidence using your past successes to build upon.

Here's what you get with the program...

The 3 pillars of self-confidence! Mp3

The 3 pillars of self-confidence! Taken from my Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program, this short Mp3 recording will help you take back control and it will give you the blueprint of how all self-confident people live and think.

This short powerhouse recording will give you the tools to build a stronger mindset and mental health overall.

The Confidence Code Technique Mp3

Learn the secret technique all professional speakers, singers, comedians, use to have calm nerves before they present.

This simple but powerful technique will help you stay cool and calm throughout. Practice this daily for it to become a habit.

Simple but very effective for boosting confidence in public speaking.

how to build confidence
how to build confidence

How to stop negative thinking! EBook

With over 200 jam-packed pages of LIFE CHANGING information The How To Stop Negative Thinking eBook will guide you into better mental health and self-confidence. You’ll discover that there’s a better way to run your mind that’s the natural way to do it. This book sold separately has an amazing positive feedback rating and has itself received glowing reviews worldwide.

How to be more confident
How to be more confident

Bonus recording!!!

Speaking in public whether that be doing a presentation, doing a speech or anything where you are the centre of attention can be terrifying. Most people avoid it like the plague and it can cost you a lot in your career and personal life.

With Steve's presentation Success Hypnosis mp3 he will guide your subconscious mind to unlearn fear and replace it with self confidence.

Presentation nerves
Presentation nerves

Presentation Success Hypnotic Mp3